January 12, 2016

- Introducing a New Guest Blogger SOON ~

Sure, it's a teaser to grab your attention but you will discover there is more truth than fiction here.

New friends are exciting and we just never know where casual encounters may lead.

And whoever said all our friends must be born in the same decade. As I rapidly approach the amazing number 75 I continue to resolve to be real [if not transparent] as I bump into others in surprising ways..

And I'm trying to say exactly what?

Of course I love spending time with people my age, or that of my children and in the generation of my Grand children and so often am blessed to be sitting across a table from some fabulous young people with 'old souls' joyful spirits and on the same path as we  serve our God, Saviour, Lord.  I think that's the bond. Christ.

On with the story:  Months ago I shared a few introductory remarks with a precious young lady who has a tendency to end sentences with "My Pleasure."

She bore a remarkable resemblance [when she smiled] to a special young friend of mine in Texas [Heather]  and I couldn't resist sharing that thought with her.

Fast forward to 2016 and now I am ready [momentarily] to introduce her to Like Gramma's House readers to share her unique experiences over the next 6 plus months as soon as she 'touches down.'

Connect with the 'reveal' here or check in for link/info on facebook  [jonell Williams Harrison]. When you see her introduction and first guest post you will immediately "get it".



  1. Can't wait to meet your new friend! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. having a wonderful week-full of activities and surprises-a 5 day missions conference celebration [3rd year for our church] Thank you for reading-You can see a bit of this on my fb page-

  3. What a wonderful surprise, Jonell :) I hope you're enjoying the new year!



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