April 23, 2014

A First For Me ~

Springtime - Easter Weekend-  Asheville, North Carolina

Top Row Center would me me taking in the incredible sights-

This is indeed a first for me. I am almost positive I have never crossed over/or stopped in the state of North Carolina.  The only possible time I might have [but cannot remember] would have been in 1959, driving south to Alabama [ from Virginia Beach Virginia ] after Ted had finished his four year U.S. Navy obligation.  In that case I think I can be forgiven for not remembering since 55 years have passed since that early milestone in our lives.

Top Left:  The Alabama Bunch- Loretta,John & Reagan with Gramma/that would be Me- Church Easter Sunday
Top Right: Susan & Brian our Asheville hosts and part of what I call my extended family
Bottom Left: Sisters -Susan, Mary Kay & Loretta
[ Ooops whatever happened to the Grammas? ]


Last Day Last outing before heading south  The Billy Graham Training Center The Cove/The Chapel here
A leisure go at your own pace tour soaking in Creation and the wonderful Chapel- a short drive from Asheville, N.C.

Inside the Chapel Mrs K enjoys a comfortable pew with great view while others casually make mental notes and take a few photos . Reagan & his Dad were drawn to the pulpit area & made a sweet memory standing in the pulpit, sitting in the "big chairs " and just taking it all in with the huge
window as a background.  The K Sisters could not resist trying out the Baby Grand thinking of all the notable,  memorable musicians who had played in that special place.
Bottom left: While Mrs. K relaxed the rest of us climbed the steep stairway to the PRAYER ROOM- Yes, of course we circled with our volunteer guide and prayed before leaving.

My little group

Yes, It is obvious they are ALL TALLER than Me...even the youngest Grandson

It's time to head south to Alabama & we are leaving with memories of special loved ones, so much fun, stories, tooooo much food !   A sincere heartfelt thank you to our hosts, Sue and Brian  -Such ah-mazing hospitality !  Wishing those who left earlier could have been there too!  [Missing: Don & Trish and  Karla & Greg ]



  1. Anonymous4/24/2014

    it makes me happy just to see
    your picture and you having such a good time. Love, SD

    1. I am sure this anonymous note left was from my dear dear friend in Texas -Shirl [SDP] It makes ME so happy to see that you are reading my blog Shirl.I gave Faythe my email address and asked her to be sure you have it. We need to "talk" at least via email if not telephone.

  2. This looks like such a wonderful trip! So fun!

    1. Just to know you are stopping by [LGH] makes my day my dear friend. It was a !


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