April 17, 2014


Since I don't expect to be posting tomorrow April 18th I'll leave a note before Good Friday-

Another Mile Marker-#8- What a breathtakingly beautiful Spring morning..the wind just a soft whisper of a breeze but greeted outside by one major unnamed bird that was intent upon getting the attention of the entire world..nothing gentle or timid about the voice of that small feathered creature...he seemed to be calling all of Creation to awake, take note and join in his celebration of the new, fresh, growing Spring scene all around me. 

Don't you just love it when all the new green is at least for a while so tender and clean...temporarily free of pollen!!

If my senses will remain focused upon all this then another Mile Marker [ 8 months ] will pass without becoming instead a "Stumbling Block."  With the road ahead showing the 6 lane options I must concentrate on the simple two lane highway ahead.

                           E A S T E R is a time like no other we celebrate..

                                            Yes, without any doubt HE IS RISEN.
                                                    HE IS RISEN INDEED!

I will have to learn to select, plant, prune, root and nurture these on my own

 Looking Forward  - Anyway

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