April 02, 2014

It's That Time Again - Spring Reveal Re-Run

Free Admission-

A Great Project is Worth A Second  Showing

Just a reminder- This was the last major Labor of Love  from my Silver Fox-It had been on "our" to do list for several years and I always knew it would get done.  He started work on it soon after we got the Cancer diagnosis -A while after it was completed I noticed something red hanging from one end..a small red metal wind chime.  He liked them and so did I.  Then in Sprng of 2013 I spotted a new Double Knockout Rose Bush planted not far from one corner of the structure.  He didn't mention it but I knew what he was doing...he knew it wouldn't be much longer and he was leaving that for me.[ he quietly planted several new rose bushes that same day]

I will add another of the same [dbl KO] Rose Bush next to it in a few days.  We both enjoyed Roses but especially these Double Knockout because they have such a long blooming season and are so carefree.

I knew something was up when I noticed the tools and new boards

Of course I helped...One always needs a Supervisor

It was really a Collaboration

Notice anything in one of these semi finished shots that is different from the finished arbor? At first we went with the 3 high boards to back the bench- "I tried it out" and quickly determined that 3 boards high was a bit too much- uncomfortable-awkward.  Didn't I tell you I contributed to this project?

We chose to leave the structure unpainted and allow it to weather naturally with time

My own idea - it generally covers the grass and is a natural material

This looks like the last rose bush he set in place must have been  April 2013

My Silver Fox
The Wisteria is still in bloom so this would be a March/April photo


  1. How very sweet that your husband planted that rose bush before he left the earth. You must think of him every time you look at it. Your wisteria is beautiful! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  2. Ann thank you for leaving a note- It's been 7 1/2 months now and honestly I don't have to look at anything to remember him..Only have to be awake and breathing- Please visit again..I will look you up.


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