March 11, 2014

Did I Tell You About The Morning ~

A Really Great Way to Start This Day- Thanks Cracker Barrel
Permission granted for laughing with but not at

No, not at me dear- with me.  This Morning Brunch  at an area Cracker Barrel Restaurant could be [with slight embellishmets] material for a Gramma Stand Up routine.

 Servers were quickly available for immediate  drink order and I did not bat an eye or hesitate even momentarily to ask for it done My Way, Y'all.

Several months ago at another Cracker Barrel I was told the reason I could appreciate their 'hot enough' coffee was that they heated the cups prior to pouring the coffee into them. I mean, how hard is that. Think of all the times you had your mouth all set for your first  wonderful sip of morning coffee and  even though you just saw it poured into the cup..It is only warm-not hot.  These folks are genius- imagine thinking of this on your own without being asked to do it.  Will wonders ever cease?

Sooooo, armed with this information I asked very directly but politely assuming this would not be an entirely new thought- hot cup = hot coffee,right!  The nice young lady agreeded so we are off to a great start...that cup of coffee I envisioned when I awoke..indeed before my feet hit the floor 40+ miles north of this CB location

Things done My Way continues:  No, their tomato juice is NOT V-8 but that's okay we'll just doctor it up with a dash of salt and a generous sprinkle of coarse black pepper. But wait and oh my goodness there is no way I am [or should] devour a 16 ounce glass of the  red juice. I know that's the only size on the menu...Gigantic! [ picture a spring break out on this Granny face from the acid].  And course I don't mind voicing this  so the young lady agrees to remove the monster size and returns with a much smaller portion in an appropriate size juice glass [even that was about 8 oz] . The seasoning experiment comes next..but nothing comes out of the huge SALT SHAKER.  When the top is removed the salt is 'over the top' and there are offensive  globs of once wet and dried black pepper attached to the top.  I won't describe further but am not losing my nerve yet..the open shaker and top are set aside so as not to be missed.  Not to worry Gramma is not making a scene. I am perfectly capable of snatching another shaker from a nearby table. Problem solved.

How does one start the day without a good cup of coffee?  Perhaps an equally significant cuppa tea? 

This Is a bit of a big breakfast day...not the norm for me so when delivered it looks enormous.  My two biscuits almost look good but are only barely warm enough to melt the soft spread butter but don't cover your ears...I am not totally unreasonable.  We let that go and pretend  that's my preference.  More butter would not have helped the cool biscuit issue.  

"Oh, by the way," gramma says sweetly,  "Could we run those two pieces of bacon back into the microwave for about 10-12 seconds? That would be just perfect! "After opening up the biscuits and scooping out the excess  soft bread middle the now perfect thick sliced bacon  made a sandwich fit for if not a queen a South Georgia Gramma . 

Now wouldn't you know it that hash brown casserole was just about right..not going to bicker over trivial things. 

Grits have not been on the menu at my house for quite a few months hence a small bowl seemed like a good idea today.  Once ordered and owing for we at least have to do a tasting sample, right?  If you grew up in the far north or the Midwestern U.S.A then you should have been there to take the grits off my hands..sorry, not measuring up to Cracker Barrel menu or my deep south experience.  Think instant or perhaps just over processed...but not to be added to a list that reads "Old fashioned."

Just a suggestion:  The next time you suddenly have one of those urges like the one I entertained bright and early yesterday...follow your heart.  Go for it. Track down that special place if it's accessible and indulge yourself.  People are human.  Some of them may not measure up.  Every item on the menu may not be as you desire or remember it..that is easy to handle.  Forget complaining or being rude- Just put on your happy polite face and voice and ask for it YOUR WAY. ..and it can still be a very good experience.  Lastly show your appreciation appropriately. It may even help to allow yourself an additional half hour or more to FILL A BAG IN THE GIFT SHOP before getting on your way.

One last note here:  Remember that your license grants you permission to laugh WITH BUT NOT AT .  The moment you break out in hilarious making fun laughter your license will be null and void. No laughing AT the Gramma!

[I would love to hear your own stories illustrating your persnickety peculiarities ]

Just for laughs let's make it a group thing next time

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  1. Love Love Love Cracker Barrel, but we only get the chance to stop there when we're on vacation. I love to browse the store too. They have such cool things. Thanks for sharing, and have a great weekend. Hailing from Create for Joy! Wonderful pics too!

  2. I love to eat ya the Cracker Barrel...always good service and good food


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