March 09, 2014

Better Is One Day In Your Courts....

Thinking about perfect Gifts this Sunday morning with the Daylight Savings Time change..admiring the perfect gift from a son that's showing off the fragrant Paper Whites on the Breakfast Room table and moving on to other perfect gifts. 
O my Lord and God how perfectly you have planned and provided  for
me I am reminded on this brisk early Spring Like morning in the deep South.  In recent weeks/months fleeting thought of needing to be elsewhere [snuggled up to my children] then moments ago as this gift conversation takes place between me and myself it continues like so...
" Another perfect gift. He planned for this so comfortable place yes, and time where I could settle into this new and strange if not yet totally wonderful again life,
feelsafe secure and claim a new kind of happiness, find a renewed purpose and usefulness and life and I think perhaps whisper confirmation that all this future called the rest of my life on earth' can continue to take place right here where He provided yet another of His perfect gifts...
a puzzle piece slipped securely into the right place."
Again I have been nor have I done anything to deserve this-never could  ..reminds me of Salvation.
This introspection almost takes my breath away...
Majesty, Glory, Honor and You Alone !
Yes, I do believe Spring is coming

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