March 06, 2014

Modern Day House Hunters -

A Blogger Connection whose work I greatly admire and regularly check in with   Between Naps On The Porch  is showing a wonderful post that really started me thinking ...don't expect serious thinking however. It is totally frivillous...she and I are just observing, commenting and sharing with you. That's all.

BNOTP  post shows some beautiful photos of celebrity homes with landscape views featuring MOATS and she shares with us the fact that apparently this MOAT is now one of the most highly desired high end features on the must have lists of a significant number of home owners in our country.  As always Susan's  posts are beautifully done and illustrated with fabulous photos.

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady's Brentwood Estate

My two cents worth and thank you Susan for opening up an interesting conversation today. It leaves me with a little smile and has my sometimes feeble [or lazy] brain working this morning.


Oh afraid a MOAT is not even a word that crosses my mind much less  gets added to my wish list for my environment.  Very interesting isn't it?  This question occurs to me:  When/where  did the often discussed addition of a MAN CAVE come into our discussion of  designing our dream homes?  I honestly don't know .  I do know that my own husband In recent years has quietly scoffed at that wish list item as we have watched HOUSE HUNTERS ON THEIR HOME QUEST ON HGTV...and In recent months I have noted at least once or twice where a couple was including in the dream plan the same kind of room for the wife. This seems a far cry from the FAMILY ROOM..Let's consider the significance one might read into that.  Over time home design  often reflects changes in the culture..consider spacious porches then..not. Something to think about . I think I shall pass on the Moat friends. I do so appreciate the sprinkler system surrounding my yard though and the months of intensive focus it required for my husband to get it done. And...perhaps it has inspired me here:  Our soon to be covered Wisteria Arbor-another labor of love- that has year round miniature clear lights could also be equipped with a similar sprinkler ...That could be a suitable second best in place of  a moat don't you think.

Do you suppose the celebrities referred to would be offended that we are 'making light' of their amazing luxurious  must haves as they have designed these beautiful sights?  I do hope they are as content and thankful as most of us  with our own..

Home and Gardens and the labors of our hands.

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  1. You have a beautiful home inside and outside, but not near as beaitiful as you are


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