March 18, 2014

As Long As ~

Mile Marker 7- 
Seven Months

For as long as I Breathe

My moments- My days

will continue to be filled with your words,

pictures of you



 Like the clouds that drift constantly  above & around me

No matter if Others  see.... or sense

You are there
A part of me
 Every hour of the day...
I cannot will it to be otherwise.

Even if I tried I could not erase

The Memory of your face-

your mouth-your hands-the smile

Ahh, Your Smile

[ You didn't waste the smiles- They were intentional ]

Your hands...

Sometimes  rough - evidence of a working man-
Other times the smoothness of one who no longer
must spend his days 'tilling the soil'
[ the gentleness &  perfection of the Creator as only He could design ]
For as long as I Breathe
I will remember and cherish those early morning bear hugs
As we first  met in the kitchen to pour that first cup of coffee
and start breakfast.
 The carefree walks through local nursery and garden centers
As the season began to change and our heads began to fill
with ideas for new projects
About our own House and Gardens!

And of course I cannot erase the easy going jaunts...
sometimes adventurous outings into the woods
With my must have list of natural wonders to collect for projects
Indoors or out
Sometimes just amazing natural finds to have on hand
Just in case
But you had long ago stopped asking
'What in the world are you going to do with that'
For as long as I breathe
I shall treasure the often aimless little Road Trips
and your willingness to
" Stop, back up or turn around
We may find something worth stopping for back there.'"
It didn't seem to matter [to you] that you  had no interest in that.
These 'little road trips' were perhaps significant to us because
We did not have the luxury of World Travel
 [' travel,' period ]
And we had learned over time to
Find joy in 
Simple ordinary pleasures available to us
Instead of whining about  things we would wish to do.
Might that be called
 "Making Your Own Happiness?"
I think so.
[ p.s. You were never prone to join in pity parties or whining anyway ]
For as long as I Breathe
I think I shall continue  to

Wave the Ted Flag 
August 18, 2013  10:30 p.m

 March 2014


  1. Love you, and am praying for you....

  2. You are amazing and fabulous you


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