May 20, 2010

My Little "Yarden" Journal~ Chiggers & Pine Straw

The sound of doves around the neighborhood, hey there's a little it's two there's another running along the top of the fence..birds chirping away, red birds all over.  The Rabbit Family usually shows up late afternoon or early evening & lately have not been readily scared away by our presence out in the garden area. You can have the cats- I would rather have the birds and an ocassional Rabbit!

Green wont be long until they'll become 'fried green tomatoes." There's a few tiny, tiny peaches on that new tree..and look over there to the side of the yard at the wonderful gourd vines  reaching for the sky it seems! 

The four O'clocks are slow to show up but look at them now ~ nearly two feet tall and the cypress vine while it's not yet vining the ever so tiny little sprigs are beginning to cover the ground all around each arbor where they are takes a while to get the incredible beauty and cover but it's "a show worth waiting for."  There's a small picture of one arbor covered with cypress vines from last year on this page to the right of my posts.  They definitely are a double treat- one for us and also for the hummingbirds..they are attracted to the teeny, tiny red trumpet shaped blooms.

I am still looking for  bachelor buttons peeping through the soil..have cut all available roses & hope I did it right this time so they will all bloom and the long stemmed will actually have long stems..slow learner with the roses but I think we have it now.

The hydrangeas  look promising so far-Whoppee!

After bragging about not attracting 'chiggers' out doors...didn't think about their being in the pine straw we used in the flower beds.  I had fun yesterday getting down on my knees pulling weeds in the beds . Guess what? Chiggers.

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