May 16, 2010

Bargain Hunting

 I confess an addiction to finding "steals" at  flea markets.   I can sometimes just slow down as we pass a place and tell you if its worth my time to stop and shop.

On days when no one is in a hurry  I will risk stopping by what I already deem to be a lost cause.  Really junky places are where we often find great buys..if you know the merchandise.

[ Picture: Pop found a good book store in DeFuniak Springs-this amazing little sit down spot was wedged in between two shop buildings-great way to use space!]

 I  try to settle on a treasure that will fit in one hand...small treasures.  A  McCoy treasure is still a treasure no matter what  size bag it fits in.  I often play a little 'guess the price' game with myself-guessing the price before I turn the tag amazed how often I am right on target.  It doesn't take much to entertain me! :^)

I learned a long time ago  to be willing to 'walk away" if  I can't get the right price.  Unless an item is dirt cheap or a for real 'steal', I don't have a problem asking for a better price. It never hurts to ask.  Then you have this conversation with yourself that goes like this : "Self, How badly do you want this? How much are you willing to pay, max? Will there ever be another one down the road?

Before shopping I take a few minutes to remind myself of things I have been looking for..maybe a long time. It's fresh on my mind as I shop.   I have this  down to a science...the things I like are so familiar   I can  get in and out quickly. Why  linger when there's another great place down the road.  You'll need time to browse there.

If your husband detests this kind of shopping it really helps if you  spot things that interest him...not a problem here.  My husband has tagged along with me so long that he's as interested in the treasure hunt as I am..he even looks for books-he's an avid reader.

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