May 28, 2010

Those Special Days

When you don't have parents and grandparents anymore-what do you do on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and Christmas?

I am sure It can be so inconvenient for young and somewhat young families to have to give up a day  to visit 'the folks.'

As an adult I never had the option of visiting my parents on those special days or any other days. I can literally count the  times I saw my parents after I married.  They didn't live long lives -Daddy died 10 years after I married and Mama four years later.  With so many miles between us we still wouldn't have been able to visit much if they had lived longer.

Parents and Grandparents don't really want the children and grands to visit on those special days. We  want them to visit because they want to spend time with us..not on  holidays because that's what they are supposed to do...

Our children are all approaching the mid century mark..50 years old.  I recall at that point [when we moved to the farm in Newton] it seemed we had so much time and we could do just about anything we wanted to at that point..Things change so fast.

What do you do on those designated days when there's no one to spend it with.. Ans.> you sit and swing or rock or read, piddle in the yard and as the hours tick away late afternoon you think of an excuse to drive around maybe out in the countryside..just somewhere then back home you are glad the day is's not the end of the world, it's just a day!
And you tell yourself and anyone who might ask that it really is no big deal...just a day.

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