May 13, 2010

I Think This is Really Me

I totally love, adore and admire the incredible talent and creativity I see in so many of the bog sites I visit.  The professionalism and mastery of this technology continue to challenge and excite me.  I am always saying; "How did she do that?" and "I have to learn to do that with my photos!"  I listen to the background music, examine the photo collages and the too, too perfect little romantic scenes and also the naturally occuring scenes in homes and gardens and my senses are overwhelmed with the beauty.

Yes, I often browse  and admire with the goal of making my blogs as wonderful as these.

Then as I move about my own page I am remnded that "This is me!"  This is my creativity, my flowers, my decor.

 Please enoy.. I hope you will in some ways be challenged and excited by my wonderful  surroundings and even by some of the whimsical, random or insightful posts that you stop to read now and then..Ya'll Come Again and enjoy our SOUTHERN LIVING thing!

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