July 21, 2010

Home Again

HOME AGAIN, Home Again, Home Again for Me...

[ Henry Van Dyke]


Our two week long trip [plus a few days] was a bit too long but quite wonderful...Crossed or lingered in 8 STATES from south Alabama, through Tennessee and into western Kentucky then northward through Illinois, into Missouri and northeast Iowa then return south through the entire length of Missouri, down into  Arkansas & Mississippi then back home into Alabama and all in between areas..Ted says we drove more than 3 Thousand miles and I took maybe a 1,000 PHOTOS..well surely 500; work to do, lol; Family, Grands, Fun and Corn fields that go on forever..Our neighbors to the North know about growing the beautiful corn. Of course the rich soil and plenty of rain makes a difference or so my Farmer at Heart Husband tells me.
My trip journal may take off before the photos get posted but I will disperse the pictures along with the posts as I get them done. I'm thinking this would be a good time to make use of photo collages.

I THINK we managed to get pictures of the" WELCOME TO THE STATE' signs for each state either going north or the return south.  Some states didn't  make it easy..we thought upon entering the state of Iowa we were not going to be welcomed.  It seemed miles and miles into the state before we finally spotted their Welcome!  There were a few times we had to put on the brakes and back up in order to get our picture.  Ted was more than a good sport about that little project.  [to be continued or perhaps restarted on another part of the trip]



Please note: that Pie was in front of my sister-not me! And I must disclose an additional fact.
My sister definitely did NOT eat all that pie! When it was served I responded: 
"This would shame Martha Stewart!"


  1. What a fun trip you must've had. Some day I will get to see all those states. California is so far from everything - you really have to have quite a good amount of time in order to see it all. I can only imagine!
    And I think I'm wantin' me a piece of that pie . . .
    Welcome Home!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  2. Karen I'm just dying to know..how did you stumble upon my blog [s]??
    Re our trip..While we lived in I think 7 states from early marriage thru our kids growing up We have never been able to travel as we would want; This was a blessing We just soaked it all in..and guess what..did you notice my post..We are planning to take in part of the World's Longest Yard Sale next week..beginning at the the southern tip north of Birmingham,Al..can't wait-hope to find enough resaleable inventory to justify getting back into the retail/antiques & collectibles..will post some human interest pictures..

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