December 18, 2010

Have a Berry Merry~and a Wonderful 2011

Yes, I am jumping past Christmastime quickly but a realistic assesment of the next week or so tells me to put aside blogging for a few weeks.

This is the time  I had intended to pause and have this past two years of my two blogs  compiled into a book for sharing with loved ones..I hope it will have some meaning and value for them perhaps they  will treasure it in some small way.

Christmastime is a mixed bag~it's a time of Joy and Giving, of sharing and Loving, and also a time of sadness~ remembering those loved ones not with us now and others so far away at Christmastime; however  I am reminded of how often & how long I have asked My Lord to "keep my heart tender" ~so there!!

[To be continued in 2011]

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