August 16, 2010

Yard Sale Post its

Second from the top picture is a hairpin curve going down the mountain. It took my breath away-I am such a wimp sometimes. You can see  Pop considering making an offer on the antique phone booth.  The shot of all the colorful birdhouse is an area where I almost got lost.  Truly there were so many vendors on each side of the highway Ted and I got separated -no continous cell phone service and in the midst of so many vendors I became a bit disoriented for a few minutes..sure was good to hear his distinct whistle trying to get my attention. I didn't admit to him that I had about lost my way! The "lovely" wagon was a modern day "covered wagon" I guess. The seats looked like two leather covered, lavender bucket seats taken from an automobile. So Funny~As crowded and bumper to bumper traffic as there was it really wasn't difficult.  One could cross the highway anywhere along the way because people knew what they were dealing with and continously paused to let walkers cross over. Only one crazy [oops can we cross that out] we observed who was bulldozing his way at a rude if not unlawful speed...not smart. I guess there's gotta be one in the crowd.  The roads along signal mountain , the scenery were not easy to describe..AWESOME,MAJESTIC are appropriate for so much of creation we were seeing. God you surely did a a great job with this CREATION thing! And Just think friends, He did all that just for us.

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