June 04, 2010

Yarden Notes -Early Spring and Beyond

[March notes]The Sunny South it is! A little reading, a little weeding, a little pruning , raking up the piles for Ted to retrieve and guess what...haven't scratched the surface Soooooooo much yard work to do but its really worth it when evrything is green and blooming-Right now it's the BRIDAL WREATH in bloom that takes my breath away-OMY
[early June notes] Coffee on the front porch mulling over what's on my agenda today..had a conference regarding what needs to be moved to where and what needs to be pruned from ground up or from inside outward.  mmm think I need to get busy. I transplanted a little cypress vine that had invited itself into a huge pot- moved it to a perfect planter that hangs on the porch railing under the no pane window.  Perrrrrrrrrfect ..in a couple of weeks.  Cucumbers needed gathering and ended up making just the right amount for Ted's first batch of sweet pickles-couldn't resist pulling huge masses of WEEDS -too many weeds too few onions..some of the onions  accidentally went into the compost pile.. so rewarding...making room for more weeds,right?  I knew those clippers were there for a reason..meant to gather more lavender in bloom...the Lavender always reminds me of my Blogger friend in Texas, Revee who's daughters gather the lavender every year and tie into wonderful little posies then hang on the door of their neighbors -PRICELESS.
Did I mention FOUR O'CLOCKS are now in bloom? AND I just spotted this morning..some purple hyacinth bean vine popping up. Did I also mention: I LOVE VINES,especially blooming vines!

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