September 25, 2012

Ahhhh Creation-

Ahhhhhhhhh CREATION -the view from our front porch as the birds who awakened before us greet us as we enjoy our first cup of coffee this morning...And especially from the deck where neighbors in the distance even share their fall with us. How can one created by God ignore His beautiful world made for us to live out our earthly lives on-I've noticed when parents do not seem to need or appreciate God's creation-children don't seem to have any need or appreciation for it. If I am ever disabled please Lord don't allow me to be closed up inside brick,mortar and wood walls-roll me outside to continue to enjoy that GARDEN you landscaped for us.
My prayer this day is: "Holy spirit fill me with so much of You that there is no room for ugliness, fear, envy or self satisfied smugness and mere self gratification..but more room for YOU FATHER and OTHERS.Joy,Joy!


September 24, 2012


Welcome Friends, Blog Followers & Readers~ A big thank you to  Heather Graham  at Stringtownhome Blog for hosting this, her first Harvest Tour of Homes.

 While I personally am a red,white,black & navy girl, when I think of fall I do think COLOR. I generally cannot wear the fall colors but I sure can enjoy splashing them all over my world. It's all about God's Creation, Nature, Seasons changing, Harvest of crops. As we get our first warning that Fall is coming -even in south Alabama we begin to see clues around the end of August and early September...I begin to drop a hint now and then about searching the roadsides, wooded areas and roadside parks for natural beauties left for me. I get excited over strewn branches, mosses, lichen, and of course acorns and  gnarly branches of almost any specimen.

Ordinary pinecones are worth gathering  where ever I find them however; I do prefer uniform shapes and healthy firm cones like those scattered over my cousin's yard in south Georgia.  She was amused and wondered if we did not have pine trees in south Alabama.
You have been waiting long enough. It's time to put out the OPEN HOUSE sign.  Welcome to the Harrison House, South Alabama. 

Come on in-We've been expecting you.

Let's begin with the front porch.  Look to the right side as you
walk up the steps.  It's time to pull out the truly antique tho'
not perfect handmade quilt-showing the lining as to topside.
The colorful fall fabric is simply a large leftover piece of fabric
I save for moments such as this. It cost near to nothing-there
was enough to snip one end and wrap over the out of season
chair cushions..nothing permanent-just temporarily wrapped for
this season's tour. 

It's a good time to bring out the vibrant green Fiesta. It's not the expensive discontinued color-those are too costly for my taste.  The pretty luncheon napkins are a flea market find-Naturally!
 I hope you can see that "Oh I love it Lantern" toward the back-yep, you guessed it HALF PRICE at an area 'farm & tractor store." It's lined inside the glass panels with a very small chicken wire.

The BURLAP table cloth is from one of my
Burlap Bag Bargains in Plains,Ga. with a
little square of 'so old it's ragged" antique
quilt, Fresh Rosemary from my bed and the
fiesta plate is topped with old cafe dishes
of the early 1900's

More photos below - Scroll Down
Please visit the host for this  
Heather Graham

Tour of Homes-The Kitchen

The Kitchen is O P E N

Again Using what you have-Naturally
Dried Garlic blooms and Yellow onions
The rooster Bookend is actually a
[cast iron] Door Stop.

What do I love most? The whole thing, of
course!! The early 1900's scales started out
at the Harrison house as a $20. find in north
Arkansas in the mid 1970's-magically became
"like new" again  2011 for $50. restoration /
I had to wait for just the right JANUARY SALE
to be willing to hand over 50%  off price for that

My sweetheart built the simple/primitive pie
safe/shelving; Our middle son gave me the
crock churn in the '70s when he was an indus-
trious hard working high school student. This
sets between the kitchen & breakfast room.

Not much of a decorating idea for you here-
I just wanted to share my WON-DER-FUL
old hanging scales with you. oops missed the
top-not the first time I have done that.
Yes they actually work

*For a picture of THE STOVE just below and to the left of the hangin scales>look to your right-the side bar and SCROLL DOWN-can't miss it. The RESTORATION of that  stove that moved with us from S.E Tx. is indeed a chapter in our LOVE STORY-it was purely a labor of unselfish love on the part of my sweetheart.

Also sharing At
Homa Style
"No Orange Autumn Decor"

Tour of Homes-

This back door welcome began with a very old
almost falling apart wooden ice cream churn-
added some gourds,pine cones.lotus pods &
freshly cut vines-And that says Fall...or
Welcome-whatever you want it to say!


Behind the freshly cut mucadine vines is what
"Looks like" driftwood" was dragged from
and came with us when we moved. Sometimes
it graces a large table forming the base for
a centerpiece with things like gourds, pumpkins
The round wrought iron pc is a Grits Mill.
It also came with us from the S.E. Texas farm.

This table also made the move from Texas with us 2006-My sweetheart built it from boards that
came from the farmhouse kitchen floor original 1906 construction. She said: "No, whatever you
do DO NOT trash those boards." So he turned them into this primitive treasure and also a small
kitchen table we now have on a porch. The hardware holding the kitchen towel from an antique GENTLEMAN'S CHIFFEROBE [free standing multi use closet for the man of the house]

Fall Tour of Homes -Yarden Spot for Any Season~

Let's Park Here


Pop builds the benches-I gather the pretties, spread the natural

ROCK RUG & roll the palm tree stump into place..


This Harvest Tour of Homes

Is Hosted by:

Join the Party

"No Orange Autumn Decor"

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Fall Tour of Homes -Yep That's a Coffee Pot

Now folks..THAT'S a Coffee Pot!  Another era-It's filled with'
natural dried materials I had on hand - [No the table is not set-
I'm using the deck outdoor space for putting together things
to show off for you]  Super Easy - use what you have.
Please join us at Stringtown Home's
Hosted by Heather Graham
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Fall Tour of Homes -Don't throw those WINDOWS away~

My followers and readers all know after primitive my next love is old windows,
old doors-archictectural pieces that have had a life. This $15 dollar window
[minus glass panes] is to me a work of art. The muscadine vines are ready to be
clipped and nothing more than a handful of those fresh vines woven through-
Less is More ladies!  The same vines are used in my black wall basket beside
our front door-the basket is a staple-what you see in it changes with the seasons.

Join us for the Party
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September 23, 2012

Fall Tour of Homes -

I Repeat: Ladies, use what you have on hand. One of our
children salvaged this wooden keg in perrrrrrrrrfect condition
for Mom- first I snipped some branches and mmm "I like that."
Then I noticed the grasses on one side of the yard needed
to be harvested..jackpot! Perrrfect Again! I think that's a keeper.
It sets on one of the step ups to the deck..Yard work and a bit
of   blogging- two jobs at once.
Join the Party!

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September 22, 2012

Tour of Homes -Decor-Simply Done-Naturally!

Naturally Fall

I wish I had a good view of the entire arrangement-one day I will get a REAL CAMERA.  Silk plus dried materials form a garland piece that extends the  length of the dining table.
It sets atop a 13 inch wide mirror- fresh eucalyptus  filler with a few treasured antique bottles along with two c/s in a wonderful  Johnson Bros  "The Friendly Village" pattern.
Candles were a steal at $5. each-dangling jewelry from old discarded antique light fixtures - just the right touch!

Gotta use that BURLAP-and don't be too impressed by the large wonderful dried wreath-my 2011 holiday splurge-
Can I toss it b/c it's dried-of course not~

Let's Visit -A Sharing of Good Things:

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September 20, 2012

Have You Ever Wondered Where Old Coffee Pots Go?

Silly person they don't go anywhere. They are simply repurposed like this totally perfect specimen white enamel with red trim, now providing a handy keeper for those kitchen utensils that are used every day. No searching-right at my fingertips.

Then of course they could be moved to a new location for display, center stage or in a thoughtfully grouped collection. There came a time when I knew I had too many so the challenge was to downsize.  I made the choice to keep a selection of varied styles and ages.  Mr. T. was kind enough [with a little nagging] to accomodate by building shelving in just the right spot-above a window in our breakfast room.  Just right!

September 13, 2012

Saturdays are for Swinging-

Over the years after we moved to Texas and the Grands began
to enter the picture we accumulated lots of  snapshots of family
grouping in /around the porch or outdoor swing. As I sort them
out of the hundreds [maybe thousands] of those in boxes I will
share them-perhaps we'll call them "Swinging Families" if I don't
come up with something better in the meantime.

Saturdays are for Sitting, Sipping, Swinging & Swapping Stories and Advice
Childhood memories for me are where Saturday and Summertime memories
 merge into one picture, same moods, same sounds.
Saturdays and Summer Days  [my story] are quiet, slow, lazy days.
Some were not of course but these are what I chose to drop into a permanent
file for safe keeping & sharing.  Now when a Saturday turned out to be
"going to town day" that was totally different.  That story and memories goes into
a totally separate special file.
21st Century Saturday memories for Children will take on a  different
tone all together. They will be matted, framed and displayed in new ways.
That's not my story-It may be yours. You get to share that.

Next year I will be a teenager-

Yes I did build it myself - No help from the U.S. Govt.

Intimate Family Moments-

September 12, 2012

What's All the Fuss Over A Bunch of Burlap Bags?

Do you  just not 'get it' with all the fuss about finding a great deal on Burlap? Let me explain.

Some of us cannot live without Burlap..That 'some of us'  being   creative people, crafters, decorators, artists, designers, farmers, naturalists and just plain frugal home name a few.
I wish you had been with me as I stood at the front counter just taking it all in-sizing up the structure, the inventory to make a call on whether this stop was going to be worth our time.  Ted walked ahead and was pulling something out of a basket setting on the wonderful old wooden floors.  As he pulled it from the container it stretched out and he deliberately held it up for me to see exactly what he had discovered..with a funny little "hey look what I found." smile on his face. And I, being very astute quietly formed the words: "It's burlap bagssssssss!"  We both smiled a knowing smile.  "I think we have something here."  Without giving myself away as an eager prospect I was immediately standing beside him and whispering "How much?" He responded very quietly..not wanting to suggest pleasure or criticism.  We were both trying to quickly figure out just how many were in that stack.  We both knew no matter.."Those bags were MINE."
Then without even consulting with me..can't believe he did that- My smart as they come sweetheart  visually sought out the lady from the cash register and asked without raising his voice "Would you take 50% off each if we take ALL OF THEM?" The nice lady didn't know but she was willing to take it to a higher power and asked "Bobby,over there" if he would entertain the lower price- if we buy all of them  "How many?" We counted  and he almost without hesitation said 'sure.' THEY ARE MINE-  the whole bloomin' stack. And silly me [Bobby didn't need the money and just didn't care about the stinking bags] I WOULD HAVE PAID THE tag price for each and felt I'd had a great day!  the OLD CARTER'S WAREHOUSE,PLAINS,GA. 
The bags were good as new, used one time -made in India. I like this better than those in the fabric departments.  *Yes, Liz [ at ] it is time consuming. Notice I have a few finished, a stack left to do and one I am working on. Oh, the BURLAP FUR! That's Liz's discription of the fluff and fuzz mess that's left after the bags are zipped open, threads pulled for fringing and then tying  the fringes. It's a Mess! And then you have all the pulled threads in a pile..what to do with those. I recalled  having 'rag balls' from quilt scraps  for sale in the antique vendors' booths in Texas. Quilters didn't want to waste and shoppers were thrilled to pay a few dollars and display proudly.  That's where the ball came from . I expect to have several  string balls when all  bags are done with. If you are puzzled..why not? We pay for those wonderful  Decorative balls of all kinds to display in bowls on our tables.  Le'ts call it a conversation piece-hey you can add it to

This is not a 2 hour project.  I still have a stack of untouchned
peanut/burlap bags plus one I am working on. This should keep
me out of trouble for a few weeks don't you think?

This is an interesting experience on several levels.  I am not a 'city slicker' come south who is thrilled over 'crocker sacks" but am a Southern Belle...actually when I grew up in South Georgia in the 1940's-50's it was  GEORGIA CRACKERS.   Another aside here..for years I have coaxed and coached Mr. Ted to bargain with vendors. Make them a lesser offer.  Don't pay the asking price. Suggest a lower price. Finally, I think he's figured it out. That little generous gesture offering half the ticket price just saved him/me almost enough to buy lunch down the street at the Buffalo Cafe.
post script: When the string balls are finished I will add another picture for you along with whatever other craft /gift ideas I come up with while I sit and string! IDEA: if you don't want to sit and wrap string balls start yourself a box of string and use it for gift wrapping instead of buying ribbons. I use jute twine all the time for gift wrap ties-it's not costly and it's not boring! btw there may be someone on your gift list who would appreciate a burlap runner for table, buffet or mantle. How about a set of place mats or [storage] decorative boxes covered with burlap instead of the predictable red and green themes? I have some chairs that need seasonal cushion covers and we didn't even get to the Pillow list!! Have fun ya'll!

Don't forget-it's Tips & Tricks Tuesday at Stringtownhome   There's lots of sharing of good ideas for fun, food and fall decorating you will enjoy and make use of.

September 11, 2012

Sit Still a Few Minutes-Inspiration May Find You~

Don't you hate waiting on a slow, slow computer? Me too! That's what I was doing- when a glimmer of inspiration hit me. Here Goes & this is not a rhetorical question. Feed back is necessary. That's what COMMENTS are for.  I am counting on my blogger friends -this is not a huge challenge to time or creativity. I know 3 won't cover your favorite- favorites but we have to start somewhere.

Question: What 3 bloggers would you most love to visit with in person? Why? 
[I will go first]

1.  That would have to be Carolyn's  on Prince Edward Island at Aiken's House & Gardens. Why? - to feed my innermost need for inspiration, for solitude and just soaking up such incredible beauty as she shares her photos and her life with the world of bloggers. It's like a magical five or ten minute retreat to a make believe wonderland..,.better than Disney, Callaway Gardens or 6 flags over Texas.

2. This would be Liz at ..Quirky Vistas blog Oh, to spend a weekend down in Florida with her-going junking, trash truck chasing would be in a weird way like "winning a lottery".  Why?  I can imagine being so energized, challenged and invigorated-I would likely come back home and start looking for a place to go back into business..Antiquers, Collectors, bargain shoppers are all addicts you know-there is no cure.

3. This choice is inevitable: Heather's  at Stringtownhome in Texas.  Why? I am a bit partial to this blogger. She's one of "my girls" from the high school students in my Sunday School Class when we lived in Southeast Texas.  I can't imagine too many things that would be more fun.

*Now ladies it's your turn..One-Two-Three  [with sincere apologies to all the fabulous other bloggers whom I love and follow as faithfully as I can manage-this doesn't mean  I don't love you]



September 09, 2012

9-11 - A Day to Remember ~

No words needed here!
9-11 marks the birthday of my Silver Fox. He is 75 on September 11th this year. I [we] have been so amazingly blessed to have spent 53 of those years married. We first met on a blind date on May 28, 1958 and were married June 21, 1959, a few weeks after my high school graduation. He was serving his fourth year in the U.S. Navy.  I cannot share enough pictures or stories to adequately show you what a man God has placed me alongside. It's one of those things-You just had to be there, as a part of the Harrisonhouse.


Yes he is still Gorgeous-My Silver Fox 2012
I  describe him as a Gentleman-then & now.
 I have also heard loved ones refer to him as an honorable man.
Another said: "They just don't make men like that anymore"

* You may leave a Birthday message/It will show up as "Comments"

September 06, 2012

P is for Persnickety

P is for Persnickety-likely what I in my recent years have been called.  Oh, no not directly spoken to me but we all know "it's the thought that counts."

You see in recent years as I am getting older and older get the picture., I like things done just the way I like things done. I really expect [dream on] people to return things back to the spot, drawer or shelf where they found it. I expect people to leave the bathroom at least as they found it if not better. Personally I like a bit better. I mean, really, why ask me where the kitchen scissors are when you know I return them back to that same first drawer to the left of the stove in the last section to the left...Always. Well, almost always. I'm not THAT PERFECTIONIST.  When we get this far along into the 8th decade of life..we know loved ones are going to find things they describe as: "Oh, well you know how Mom is, or Gramma is ..."

So why not attach a label to myself and I chose a neet word like Persnickety just to be a bit distinctive.  [I'm sharing with Jenny Matlock today-Join us!]

Jenny Matlock

September 03, 2012

Look What I Found~

Some Things When Discovered on the Internet are Too Good to Keep Secret-They Should Be Shared~

That was my thought about an article I just found on Dave's Garden site. I couldn't wait to share it with all of you.

This link connects you to an article on Dave's Garden site.  The author is Sharon Brown and this is how she introduces herself to us:

"I am a retired high school art and humanities teacher. I grew up in the Appalachian mountains of southeast KY and now I live with my two rescued cats, Jazz and Daisy, in far western KY. I am an artist often doing commissioned work, and in addition to writing articles for Dave's Garden, I also write boating stories for a nautical magazine as well as other venues. My greatest loves are writing, painting, my 5 year old grandson, then learning the history of our numerous wildflowers in Kentucky. And, of course, there's gardening. ". Read, Enjoy, Share~

Read on  for a sneak peek of the story telling-
"I could hear Gramma in Laura's words, I wonder if they knew each other in another time, another place.  The surprising thing is that Laura calls it Jellamy, too, that thick jelly that is not nearly as chunky as jam.  I have many friends on Dave's Garden who can foods, just as I did when my children were small and I had a family to feed.  I gave many gifts of canned goods at Christmas time.  I don't can produce anymore, since I only have myself and my cats to feed, but now that I see pictures of the cans my friends have made, and now that Laura has brought back all my Gramma memories, I think I might just go out and see if I can find any fresh berries...or maybe apples and pears.  Surely I can call on Laura if I need some help.  And maybe someday, we can share our Jellamy!" Author- Sharon Brown 2008 at