May 31, 2015

Sunday Surprise Post ~

Whether you are a cheapskate Mom or Gramma
and Proud of it-
Or a Classy Lady Who Simply
Likes to Stretch the Dollars

This is not a high dollar project-nor is it a high energy,

 labor intensive never ending job-

 Peeking Through Gramma's Pantry Door ~

The larger sizes I started this project with are all WM reproductions but the two smaller ones to the right side are at least VINTAGE... 1900's saw things like candies sold in these & maybe coffee too. My Kitchen Cannister size jars
are also fabulously VINTAGE finds that took me quite a long time to accumulate for the simple reason that the old treasures tend to be a little pricey or else I tend to be a bit CHEAP.

If you are starting from scratch  and it's 3 weeks until payday

just take off shopping [WM, $$ Store, Target] hold back a $20. and get started.

 For this project I did not need the largest size jar in stock . I think there is a

 total of 4 different sizes in WM When they are not low on inventory. 

 The second largest works for me. I think the prices range from about $4.- $6.

 And the chalk board look labels are just under $6. for 24.


Confession time- I had on hand a quart size of the CHALK BOARD PAINT.. We all know how easy it would be to grab a med size paint brush and give it a casual swipe across...let it dry for a while and of course we have some chalk on hand for the labeling..  Am I the only one who has such admirable GOOD INTENTIONS??
[But this  labeling is like INSTANT ]

 We all like a look  that suggests we have it ALL TOGETHER!

I am sure none of you ever have frightful things like ants & such invading your pantry space?
I didn't think so but just in case it should ever happen this takes care of that.  With all your food
supplies sealed in clean, see through glass containers there's nothing to invite the little  things
[bugs? ants?] to linger - or return!


* Left end looks like one of the copy cats [reproduction] I think they cost about $5-$6  and the vintage jars were often as much as $20. ea.

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The real difficulty with these oldies is finding original lids...once you do hang on to them.

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  1. How charming, and exactly the kind of storage I like best! A glass jar, no matter the vintage or former contents, is a HOME thing, a long-time companion of anyone who loves a comfy kitchen.

    Yours are simply ingenious, and especially love that one of your special ones hold GRITS!


  2. Love this! I think an organized pantry is so pretty. :) Can a pantry be cute? Cause your pantry is CUTE! LOL!

  3. Hi Miss Jonell, I sure do hope you plan on joining me at the Party, tonight because you are one of my Features! Congratulations dear friend!
    Can'y wait to have you over there with me more! Thank you for al the love and prayers, as well, very much appreciated!


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