May 26, 2015

Everything Has A Story - #2

Floor Model Record Player/ Radio

 [turn table inside the top where you see the open door]
It would be so easy to have both the turn table and the radio in working order- [ it is electric not battery]

Shame on me-I really should get that done but honestly I hardly think I would enjoy having it any more...
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Below the door is closed over the radio.
I paid  [nothing] for this piece-
It was a swap between vendors
in the antique store  in
Jasper, Texas


I cannot definitely date this but am  confident it is pre World War II
The retail price I believe was likely in the $49. - $59. It is veneer it obviously held up quite well. It won't be long before we could call it ANTIQUE. It's been in our family  since 1995-can't beat the price!

 Do you have a relic from an earlier time that is a treasure in or around your home?  If so I would love to hear your story & have your permission to share with LGH readers.


I forgot to mention the second similar early 1900's free standing Radio-

AGAIN....the Price Was Right!

It was left in 100+ year old farmhouse when we bought the farm in Texas.

It has since then always been a treasure in

The Harrison House


Come Along With Me - A Return to Loveliness



  1. Such a neat piece! I would LOVE to have one.... Someday... sigh. LOL! Thanks for sharing - you've got the neatest stuff!

  2. Really a neat old piece Jonell. I love hearing the story behind it! I really don't have any real old family heirlooms. The house my mother grew up in was locked up for a while and it was broken in and robbed. So mom didn't have any family heirlooms. We do have a few neat pieces that were my hubbies grandparents. An old potato bin, a drop leaf table, and a small accent table. Love the connection behind family pieces!


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