May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Heather at Stringtownhome is the instigator of this weekend activity!


#1. What is happening around you right now?

You mean RIGHT we speak ???

Okay, it's about to be school's out and time to get off work time for many people.
The atmosphere is kinda overcast, dark clouds gathering, rumbling thunder in the distance...
A promise of things [weather] to come?
Who knows..but that's allright.
I have been planted in my big rocker on the front porch HERE

For quite a while-[ a Southern phrase ]

Reading another John Grisham Book-

kinda sorta got lost in the mysterious activities of

the characters in  THE BROKER.

2. What are your weekend plans?

Oh no, Heather don't do this to me- Do you mean I am expected to have

Weekend plans?

Actually, I have been having a private conversation with self [as I am reading]
Trying to decide if I want catfish badly enough to venture out to my very favorite place to go for fish.

That would be Mossy Grove

This was mine and my husband's favorite place for a Friday night
For Fish- or other seafood.
I may not win...with this debate with 'self'...
. But one of these days I will be okay with dinner day.

#3. What is growing in your garden?

I must be completely honest with you- I don't yet have anything growing
Except for a for a few of my favorite HERBS
The ROSEMARY looks good but doesn't it always! No magic needed there.
And Oh, shoot what is that wonderful smelling herb by the back entrance - going up onto the deck?
I cannot forget the LAVENDER~
My honest to goodness intention is to focus on that Lavender so there's an abundance for

#4. What recipes are you planning to make this weekend?

I think this one DISQUALIFIES ME from this fun activity...
Reason being that I am not cooking much these days-
That doesn't mean I can't enjoy seeing what you 'girls' are doing & I certainly do.

#5. What made you smile this week?

Many things make me smile Every Week...even the most boring week on the calendar.
Hearing the birds singing then spotting those I just heard and tracking what they are doing.
Standing back and checking out my own yard after it's freshly cut...

Knowing I did that myself.

Getting a text message from my Grandson Patrick with pictures and information that made me very
thankful and proud.

And you KNOW this makes me smile-

A picture of our Great Grand, Mr. Lincoln

Just look at those BIG BOY SHOES!
And driving down the street seeing how pretty others' yards look as we move into the weekend.
That makes me smile.
DON'T LAUGH ...But really~

My polka dot Keds make me smile!



Thanks Heather -for the Nudge ~



  1. OH my goodness! This is EXACTLY what I wanted to happen... I loved reading everything going on in your "moment"! Love, love, love this! Thanks for joining in... ((and, those shoes ARE adorable!))

  2. Fun post Jonell! Hubby was gone fishin this weekend so I did a little sewing and swapped Iris plants with a friend. I made a big pot of ham and beans and took some to my son and dil who have a 2 week old baby. And what made me happy? More like, what didn't? lol! Love those dotty shoes!


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