May 20, 2015

Introducing A Weekly Series - "Everything Has A Story" at the Gramma's House

Yes,  Everything Has A Story -

At Gramma's House anyway ! Call me a cheapskate or just a good shopper-Take the House Tour~ Every thing has a Story!

This is the Post for sharing some of those stories from our stops along the way in flea markets, antique or junk shops and sometimes just being in the right place at the right time or no money changed hands- many times a treasure was an outright gift from someone who knew how much it would be appreciated.

 There are times when we buy with the head [buying smart] but oftentimes it's with the heart [paying too much].  Most of my 'bragging' is about being a cheap...and paying very little for the things we think of as treasures. And yes I usually do remember the actual amount paid.

This early 20th century bread  box was delivered to me in a brown paper grocery bag just barely escaped being trashed. Two lovely dear ladies, Rue & Shirley were doing some volunteer cleaning in the church kitchen when they came upon this stashed down in the bottom -no telling how many years it had been left there unused and forgotten. Shirley saw no need to hold onto something that no one ever used. It was just taking up space.
 My friend Rue, who had been dear a prayer partner for several years knew me quite well and intervened quickly saying: "O no, I know someone who would love that breadbox." Shirley was doubtful but after Rue's insisting she was sure Jonell would consider it a real treasure they stuffed it into a grocery bag and Rue couldn't wait to present her surprise 'find.'
It has indeed been a treasure in my house since then. Both Rue and Shirley have gone on to be with the Lord now -Thank you for salvaging a distinctive reminder of another time.

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  1. I absolutely love this breadbox! I had an old one like this but lost it in a move. I am glad that it was rescued for you and how nice that you can remember two sweet friends with it. Everything in my house has a story also.

  2. Oh yes it is a treasure! So glad that Rue knew to save it for you. I'm laughing because I usually know where I got things and how much I paid for them as well. I had a sweet neighbor that is young enough to be one of my kids bring me the rusty hardware she removed from her kitchen cupboards. She said, I put them in the dishwasher because they were so grungy and they came out rusty. I knew you would make something fun with them. lol! I graciously took them with a smile. Haven't done anything yet, but sure will! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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