May 19, 2015

H. O. M. E.

Don't you love when your children & Grands enjoy  



 He went immediately to the front porch swing!

As noted in other posts everything around me especially outdoors is something my husband [of 54+ years] built.  Well this is one of the few things he did not. He found this old swing in the overhead storage of our shop building. 

It should have a bold sticker attached saying:
  "Danger- the back is slanted backwards-"
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  1. Love this! My dad and I were talking the other day - something about being at Mom and Dad's house makes me so relaxed. I can sleep so well, and feel so refreshed when I leave... something about going home.

  2. My great aunt & uncle , in Canada, had the exact same type of front porch swing!! Oh, I spent a lot of hours swinging & daydreaming on that! Love this, Jonell!
    Sweet blessings, dear lady!


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