May 08, 2015

Mama - The Teacher ~

She had no idea she was a teacher - She was!

Primative wooden settee- I still love them 


When I was a toddler it was "mama" who allowed me to get on a stool and help make the biscuits.  I know I was in her way. That was my job-wonder how the biscuits looked..mmm.

copied/ Primative Farmhouse not too different from many around
me when I was a child.

One of my sweetest memories way back from about 3 years old was sitting on the front porch in a wooden settee and laying my head in Mama's lap and while I don't recall any conversation I always remembered having this feeling [or thought] that this was the safest, sweetest & best place in the whole world ....Mama's lap.

When I was a preteen- before we used the term "preteen" I still called her MAMA. A little later as I became a teenager I still called her MAMA.  Years later as an adult I referred to her most often in conversation as my Mother.  She's been gone since 1973 and when I whisper some shared thought I wish she could hear or know I always whisper: "Mama." 
My Mother, Annie Bell Mobley-Williams was the first person who taught me loyalty. I saw both humility and strength in her.  She was never honored by people around her but I do think I and my sister Gwen and brother Carl have honored her by the lives we have lived.
 I know she is rewarded in Heaven by our Heavenly Father. She knew him.
Humanly I always feel my Mother deserved so much more than she had on this earth but consider ETERNITY..then it more than balances out. 
My life has been richer because of who and what she was ...consequently my four children's lives have been richer.  We pass it on and share generously from the bounty of God's grace.  Mama would have been so overwhelmed by the beauty, blessing and bounty in all our lives..His provison and goodness and mercy visible

She would have been in awe of how wonderful our lives have been...but

Heaven is Better!

Left to right:  Jonell, Carl & Gwen



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