May 17, 2015

My Calendar ~ #21

I really like wonderful CALENDARS
My choice calendar each year hangs on the pantry door
and usually has lots of notes, names, dates and special occasions marked on it.
May 18, 2015
- the notation on my calendar
reads 21 months.
My husband thought it total foolishness to spend time visiting a cemetery where
 loved ones are buried.  His thinking was perfectly valid-

"I won't be THERE."


I know that, however;  it just seems disrespectful to never stop by
So  I slipped a leaf rake into  my truck [Saturday]  and told myself :

"I will go..I won't change my mind...I will go..I should & I will."

And I did
 The rake was just in case the site looked neglected. 
It did not.
But I couldn't resist pulling a few weeds.
I wish there were some kind of bench nearby.
It just seems there should be.
And while I dislike [detest] the visual of miscellaneous faded or tattered silk flowers

I would really like something green, alive and growing -

So I came home to google -

Drought tolerant ground cover for cemeteries

Creeping Red Thyme
Creeping Thyme
Looking for ideas for appropriate containers  beside the headstone - I ended up taking a stroll over the entire [small] cemetery to see  what  others had found to work.
I'm always fearful I will have a total melt down when I go to the cemetery...amazingly that has not been a problem.  I think perhaps because all of my being is so aware of the truth that my dear husband truly "Is not there"...after I actually get there it's not a problem.
On the internet I found a few wonderful green things that may work. being CREEPING THYME.
Then while meandering through the yard, waiting to be surprised with another job that needs to be done..I think I just may have come upon a perfect option for containers that could hold small growing things beside the headstone....Keep in mind that I really appreciate things that show signs of having had "a life"...time worn, used, primitive perhaps. 

Before closing out I do want to acknowledge to you that I'm well aware some of you reading this are thinking:  "This woman is strange" - "Why am I reading a blog post about cemetery plots?"
I know it may seem strange but when you are walking this path it won't.
If the subject offends all means,  hit that "back" key and find something more pleasant.
 This is my life now. 
Every day is not a 'walk in the park.
[sometimes it's a walk in the cemetery]
I will continue to make my way through this maze
twists, turns and fog...
It will get better and one day we will both realize I am no longer reliving the past on the
18th of every month.

[at least not publicly on my blog]

[Ted's wife..still]



  1. I agree - something bright and pretty. Those gross silk arrangements that are so faded by the time people switch them out are depressing. A pretty, growing plant will be wonderful... Rosemary would be pretty, too. I know you'll find something that will look nice.... Love you! ((You're walking this road with dignity...))

  2. You will Never see me putting fake flowers on my parents grave. It has to be the real deal! lol! I know that they are truly not there, but just visiting does draw me near and brings solace. Another wonderful one is wooly thyme. I have it in my garden and it gets a little purple bloom. Just know that both will spread. I love urns, but if I took one to our local cemeteries I'm afraid it would be taken. Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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