May 11, 2015

While We Wait ~

While we wait....for the next burst of blooms here and there let's take a peek at a few that get an early start.

Coming Soon  - Crepe Myrtle- Front Yard and in My favorite color....



Yes, of course it's ANOTHER of my very favorite-



These sweet little roses are soft, quiet, unassuming and can easily be
overlooked but when I am out and about the yard, discovering plants that
need attention or replacing, I readily appreciate that little bush that just
keeps on  making pretty even when I don't notice.


The green bush below will soon be covered in PURPLE

 Double Knockout Roses-
They won't disappoint you
Just thinking this morning how we celebrate our flowers and seldom give our beautiful trees a "tip of the hat'...
This is a River Birch hovering close to the Deck.
 We loved it so we soon bought 3 more- No kidding! 

The shape and mature height makes a pretty addition and  it also grows fast. A word of caution though before you hurry out to buy a SECOND one and place in the same area.  After a couple of years whenever it reaches maturity take note of the space/width the tree takes up..and be sure to give  the new tree room to spread.  In our exhuberance we placed two trees in close proximity and it wasn't long before we saw we had not allowed enough space for the trees as they would be in a couple of seasons...hence we found a new home for one of them.

 The view from above on the deck shows one of what
we call a Butterfly bush/tree.  It won't be long before
it's covered with purple
Butterfly Bush
seems to be a general tag we give to a variety
of trees/bushes that have wonderful purple flowering branches
and attract butterflies...they really do.
This past year I made a mistake..I pruned my trees too severely
and for that reason it has been slow greening up and
blooming but in a very short time now it will have redeemed
itself and made me a very happy lady.


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  1. Aaaah!! Such pretty/relaxing spaces.. Love it all!


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