June 02, 2015

Everything Has A Story - #3

 The Price Was Right

Left:  Dresser base  Far Right: Free Standing Chifferobe

Center:  Another /Oak Dresser Base

*My cousin Beverley Turner-White just reminded me: 

Another name for the chifferobe was Wardrobe

The stories: The primitive oak Dresser base with Vintage/antique glass drawer handles [center photo] was retrieved from a barn on Walker Springs Road in Jackson, Alabama in the mid 1960's.  This was the Harrison family's home .

When we discovered this old piece-our Harrison family treasure,  it appeared to have been discarded for quite some time [years] in the barn and was almost completely black.  We cleaned it up, stripped it down to 'it's beginnings' - the solid wood.
During the mid sixties it was popular to finish old pieces like this with "antiquing" colors...so it soon became a wonderful slightly weathered worn green finish.
This dresser base [could have been a wash stand]. It is considered 'primitive' and I must admit something here.  The first time someone made the observation "Oh, so you like primitive' antiques...I was shall we say very uneducated  [ignorant] about antiques and was offended.  The very idea....primitive!  Now, I embrace it.
By the way, we chose French provincial hardware for the drawers.   It took a few years for us to acquire some semblance of good taste...meaning strip the color off and get back to the real natural wood finish.
Now let's move on to the two white pieces...Treasures that once belonged to my Grandma Mobley in South Georgia.  Grandma died in 1969 and I would have been ecstatic over acquiring anything that had belonged to her &/or Grandpa.  It wasn't until 2009 that this became a reality.
A first cousin once removed - Paula asked me if I would be interested in having two pieces of antique furniture that had been our Grandma Mobley's.
And of course you know what I said!  Basically, Whoopee! Ted and I were going over to south Georgia for my high school reunion and gladly drove all over "kingdom come"  [southern expression] trying to find my relatives and take this off their hands. 

As the men loaded the the furniture my husband warned me that the mirrors would be broken by the time we reached south Alabama..Did I care? No!  I had expected to do a little work on them, at the very least replace the hardware.  Small price! Ultimately there was No damage.

It was just as you see in the pictures...it had been painted white.  After settling in with it for a while I discovered the white did not bother me and the  hardware was  never replaced.
0riginal was great!
I am positive my grandparents never bought furniture during my growing up years in the 1940's-50's
We can safely say those two wonderful pieces are without question pre WWII- possibly closer to  1900.   Are they worth much money?  Not ~
The point is
They belonged to my Grandma Mobley
That's All

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  1. They are very pretty, and you are so lucky to have such treasures from your grandmother. xoox Su


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