June 09, 2015

Everything Has A Story- #4

And the Stories Just Go On and On

Let's Go Visiting Now-
Now brace yourself....This was not a freebie or  being in the right place at the right time.
Indeed not! I paid good money for this jewel.
During our Texas years, driving from Buna, past Kirbyville to Jasper I saw this [already repurposed]
old Chifferobe [also called a Wardrobe] setting outside a gem of an antique store-
for a long, long time..perhaps several years

 It was what I call the look of BARNWOOD-
Weathered, no sign of paint left. Close examination revealed that someone had made adjustments in the 'design' to make it deeper from front to back- perhaps to use it for an entertainment center- holding a television and providing shelving.
My original intent was to make use of it for my line of potpourri products in the Antique store in Jasper, Texas.

I paid a whopping $100.00 for it


Since my friend Shirley and I both love anything primitive
the weathered look was just fine.
By the way- I now use it in a guest bedroom for linens

As some time past and we found ourselves with a little time
on our hands one day Shirley  emptied and moved the piece
to a spacious area of the store, pulled out paint & other supplies
And without excuse or explanation said:
"You get on that side while I start on this side.
Friend, we are going to paint this thing."

And that's what we did!

I promise you Jonell was neither the bold or gifted artist in
the store...with great fear and trepidation I joined the project.
Did I have a choice....well NO!

Notice close up I think we each had the same idea at the same moment.
Look closely on all sides and you can find individual dried petals of hydrangea-
just enough that we can say "We did"
I had been exposed to some radically wild and adventuresome artists in
this endeavor ...basically unique and creative people.
 We can safely say some of them rubbed off on me.
For that I am grateful- these amazing and gifted people
ultimately gave me confidence in my own abilities.
No, I am not an artist. I am not a painter...
perhaps that's not what I want to be...another subject
 for another time.
Thanks for
 L  I  S  T  E  N  I  N  G



  1. I love it! And, that guest bedroom is gorgeous... that wicker furniture is so pretty!

  2. What a great piece. I love the colors and design you chose to paint it!

  3. Absolutely charming! And perfect for all the purposes you intend. What a lovely addition to a sweet, quiet welcoming room, and of course, PINK. It's so daintily modest in form, yet so very beautifully adorned with your art---I'd like to see what they'd charge for it NOW, in all its new glory.

    I love seeing all your finds and creations!


  4. Visiting from Kathy's party and so glad I did. I love the guest bedroom. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  5. So gorgeous! Looks great!

  6. Well my friend, I would have dished out $100 for that beauty as well. Love, love the painting! The added dimension of the Hydrangea petals is so clever, love it!

  7. It is so sweet. Even though you found it in Texas, it has a Scandanavian look to it. I love it. xoxo Su


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