June 16, 2015

Everything Has A Story - #5

Older Than Me 
Early 1900s
 Some people can really spot a BARGAIN
~Found on a trip from Crossett, Arkansas to Little Rock
A $20. steal of a deal
No kidding!
Apparently someone had already come to the conclusion it
was worthy of repurposing....little did they know!

It was painted the most gosh awful blue color-an 'in your face' gaudy shade I always felt I should apologize for it and explain that the color was not our choice. Each time we moved the one doing the heavy lifting knew the risk of doing serious damage to  his/her back.
Yes it is that heavy.
It would only get moved one time in a new home.


After moving back to Alabama in 2006 the antique  scales appeared to have found a permanent place in an outdoor storage area.  I truly did dislike that color blue  and it made me so sad to think this found treasure might be junked and never have a spot in our home here.

Did someone ask if they WORK?  Who cares-Not me!
Then my husband revealed his plan....he knew it was a treasure and  found an auto paint shop nearby and came to an agreement with them about restoring the scales...$100.  That worked for me then we later learned the business had changed hands and the new owners had not touched it...were not sure what they were supposed to do with it or what they were to charge.  Ted explained that the quality of the restoration was of the utmost importance...it couldn't be okay..it had to be a perfect professional finish. 
The early 1900s scales claim a corner in our Breakfast room

Surprise, Surprise...They only charged half what we had originally agreed upon..$50. No one argued with that-and the finished job could not have been better.  It still must stay put...it's still too heavy for mere humans to trot around but I never apologize for the paint job!

Note:  I was informed our favorite daughter has her name on it
 [we only have one daughter]. 


  1. Love, love, love your scale! I so want one too! Been looking for just a scale...but cannot find one as of yet. Love this one! And for $20????? WOW! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Oh my gosh, what a score Jonell! I love, love it so much! They certainly did an awesome job and at a fabulous price.

  3. Love your scale!! Such a great find! Sooooo cute!!


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