June 22, 2015

Monday Morning Thoughtful Thoughts ~

Oh no -  don't run off thinking this could be an inspirational devotion that might challenge us beyond our Monday Morning ability to endure..just allow a quiet moment or two and then we can all be on our way...into the fray.  [Well it does rhyme ]

I [almost] jumped out of bed this Monday Morning around 6:30 a.m.. Yes, it was that kind of wake up.  Sometimes I am on my feet with something akin to a 'song in my heart' and even in those
wide awake, aware times I can  fail to turn to the Lord and invite Him into my splash of happy.

Wondering why I am wearing such happy shoes this morning?  Ask another time.  I don't know.
Maybe it's as simple a thing as - Good grief [ Jonell ] it's the JOY OF THE LORD
We ask Him to fill us with a thankful heart [btw one of the best things to pray for regulary] and then bless my soul if I'm not finding myself amazed that He actually does it.  Shame on me! I'm thinking you may often do the same thing...praying for things-changes-additions or corrections [ s m i l e ] and then standing in the middle of the room asking self: 'Why am I so joyful or thankful?'

The easiest verses  to access on automatic early in the morning are those in the Psalms that read:
  • Create in me a clean  heart and renew a right spirit within me Ps. 51: 11

  • Let the words of my mouth and the meditaion [s] of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh Lord my strength and my Redeemer  Psalm: 19:14

[oftentimes slightly revised acc jwh translation]

Home Wrapped Around Us/Me

And just an aside post script:  Have you ever noticed when you try to access [recall] a meaningful scripture you find yourself  stopped not knowing the 'rest of the verse'.....
Answer: Satan steals it
Solution:  Use it more often

Post Script # 2
I know, I know Lord I need to focus on some new at the ready verses - remember the times when You led me to committing so many to memory- Okay I 'get it'..need to revisit-don't give up on me.

Thanksgiving - Joy - Mercy



  1. I Love it! Such wisdom - happiness is joy from the Lord! AND - I'm so writing the quote about Satan stealing our memory of verses down! Plastering it on my mirror, to see every morning! :)

  2. Love this! Thank God, Jonell, that He leads you to write these words of such great Inspiration!! Thank you!


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