June 23, 2015

Everything Has A Story #6

Pop Gets the Credit

 [or blame]

 for Rescuing this Relic

This cast iron heater/stove was manufactured in Columbus Georgia 'Columbus Iron Works company' on the front-J-12-9 on the back with JOVE on both front and back and on the top 'No.12'
I have no idea when or where Ted's parents brought it home-
Thomasville or Jackson, Alabama,
Ted rescued it from the Harrisons' place on Walker Springs Road in Jackson, Alabama around 1978 or not long afterwards.

Since 1978 we have hauled this old heater/stove around
from Alabama to Arkansas to Alabama to Texas
Finally in 1993 moved into the perfect environment
It Had A Home! 
At the Farm in Texas

No we had no idea what we would do with it-That didn't
matter.  He just knew it had belonged to his folks & he
didn't want it to get away and be discarded or not appreciated

 the Price Was R i g h t !
[It's time for a new paint job]
I sometimes slip a small flower pot into the top or in the front opening -a hearty small green plant over flowing out of it looks great. Then of course with the cover in place on top it's the perfect place for my often misplaced

I do it all the time-walk outside w my coffee
 and next thing I know it's  
'Where did I leave my mug?'

to set when I am distracted by nearby weeds begging to be pulled.




  1. That is so fun! I have a cast iron stove (new to me), but it isn't this neat!

  2. Oh I love it! Never thought about being used as a planter. That really is a great idea. I would not have been able to part with it either! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. It's a cherished keepsake. Love it's rustic charm! I have a small one that I got from my older sis at the top of the stairs leading down to our basement. Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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