June 05, 2015

JUNE BLOOMS~ And A Sweet Story of Precious Friends -

Above: We have Visitors!
I usually refer to this bush/tree as simply a
Butterfly Bush
I think we should give it another name-
Bee & Butterfly 

Above: We call it 'HOT LIPS SALVIA"
One side of the tiny petal is red and the other white
When you snip off pieces and sniff

You know why the "salvia" is part of the name

It's actually too early to cut my hydrangea blooms...at this stage they don't last long after being cut and placed in water..and definitely won't dry pretty yet.
 So they are essentially sacrificed for a momentary pleasure.





There...now can you name the additional white stem I added?

They dry to perfection and are great filler or alone.

Answer:  It's a White Yarrow 
This is the first time I have ever had my very own in my yard

Can you see the close-up garlic bloom slipped in there? 
A few nights ago I realized late that I had not taken in my flag
flying off the front porch.
When I went to take care of it I found a large bundle of
Apparently I did not hear the knock on the door but
I know the mysterious precious friend who gifted me
with something I dearly love
from their back yard..for several years now I conveniently
remember sometime in June that it's time for

and my friend does not use them for anything..
[ Thank you Robert and Martha ]
Just in case you don't know- I can smell GARLIC
They dry beautifully...wonderful green balls of natural delight-
great for a single item arrangement
or added to another arrangement as I did with the bouquet of day lilies.
[when they are dry I will remove them from the mason jar and find a perfect spot for them]




I couldn't [didn't] resist PINCHING one..
I'm not telling where I was though



These Day Lilies of several varieties and colors are all growing in my

Antique Iron Baby Bed

[see close up above]

[the ends of the iron bed make the FLOWER BED]

I Found/bought this old rusty baby bed from an estate sale-

The owner claimed that as his bed when he was a newborn baby.


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