February 03, 2015

The Obligatory Valentine's Post

Oh well, so the post title leaves something to be desired. 

But you do realize I have to call it 'something' and the word SOMETHING as a title  I just don't think would hold you here to read, right?

Not to worry I have the pictures to prove I did recognize the February Season  and in my own self interest of holding your attention for a few minutes I will slip in a few more photos.
It has been this love season since Sunday February 1st now and I always love seeing the  pink and red everywhere...after all I am a 'winter' which means my closet is 98%  filled with Red, black & white. No surprise to my real life friends/family !

Here I go again with the Red!
You will find splashes of the color around me

It's scattered everywhere ...I don't need February to validate the bold colorful spaces around me. If God had only chosen to create Red, Black & White with a dab of pink thrown in I would be happy!

To be totally truthful, at this time of year I am all into thoughts of Springtime! I'm ready to get past the dry brown grass and all the leftover yard work from the fall...I just bet you are too!
I could cheat and share from my stash of spring scenes but I do hope I won't need to do that...

 Looking forward...to S P R I N G   YA'LL


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