February 28, 2015

It's Time To Talk About LOOFAS -It's MARCH

Get those seeds in the ground in March

  'After danger of frost' has passed. 

A picture from my first gourd crop in Alabama 2007


Yes they do flower early on and Yes they look like  CUCUMBERS OR ZUCHINNI 
File:Natural loofah luffa sponges on an organic farm in Israel.jpg

Isn't that INTERESTING!!
Don't let the dried, crinkled outer shell discourage you
when you gather the harvest in the fall
Most of the ugly discoloration goes away when you clean
using a small amount of BLEACH in the water.

When buying seeds pay attention to the length and SHAPE of the Loofa

They are not all the same shape

To have a great basket  for spares and gifts for house guests

- is the ultimate luxury & hospitality

There are so many uses
The length will be determined
by your personal use and preferrence

This is pretty close to how your product
will look After peeling the dried outer covering
[before bleaching] I personally like this more
Image result for pictures of natural loofahs
           It won't take you long to figure out how you can
           do this-I won't spoil your surprise
copied  www.luffa.info

Did I mention each loofa has embedded inside  a MILLION BLACK SEEDS?

I never counted but I promise it seems like a million and  requires a bit of time and
persistence to remove ALL of them

copied/  loofa.info

In case you were wondering: 

  •  I used a serated older steak  knife to cut down to the size I want and you'll find you can cut with scissors
  • Don't be discouraged b/c you don't get rid of all the seeds immediately.
  •  My personal preference is to use the loofas with the darker NATURAL color
  • When you do want  a whiter shade soak in water with a very small amount of BLEACH
  • Logically I think too much bleach for too long a soak will eat away at the loofa- It's BLEACH
  • You do not have to clean these immediately...do it at your convenience, no problem.
  • I use a natural whole loofa for the shower /bath
  • Use the loofa just as you would any a scrubbie or bath cloth.
  • I use them all over the body-love them for my back, shoulders and feet.
  • I use the smaller cuts in the kitchen for dish washing chores
  • I have never used for my face, however; I just might so I can give you my opinion on that
  • OOOPS I almost forgot to share this very important information.  Plant your seeds in a space where you get FULL SUN and add a little moisture perhaps once a week  unless you get rain...your need for watering will be about the same as with your squash, cucumbers, peppers etc.  They need sun and they some moisture-  
p.s. One last note:  Save Some Seeds for planting again next year


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  1. This is so interesting! I had no idea that is how loofahs grew.

  2. I think I'm going to try to grow some this year! You've inspired me! Let's see if I can make them grow.... haha!


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