February 14, 2015

From Winter to Valentine's to Spring ~


Okay folks can we move ahead into another season now? 

I know, I know it's 30+ days until the calendar reads
 "S P R I N G"
But let's just go with it, okay?
 We all know I live in the waay waay deep south of the U.S.A.? And we all know the grass in my yard is no shade of green this week...there's still 2014 growth that is yet to be trimmed or cut way back to politely make room for the 2015 garden show . Since we have that out in the open there's no excuse for any of you to even ask if these beautiful things are from my yard.  If you hurry right now You can find some at your local WM super store.  They will work for your house just like mine...just remove all the store packaging  before you display and they look like they just came from your back yard.


As "they say" -
 In the interest of full disclosure loosely translated to mean
 "let's be completely honest here"
We all know I did not grow these roses-
Not at this season in the deep south, but they certainly are
a welcome, happy addition to my environment.
I am not sure I have ever received this many roses
But then, who's counting, right?
I look forward to enjoying the dried form for months!
Now, about Spring 2015.... 

1 comment:

  1. I Love you beautiful tulips & roses, Jonell! Look at you go! Who cares where they came from they are beautiful!! Certainly do add that Spring-like feeling into your home. We all deserve that regardless of what the calendar says!!
    Big Hugs & Many blessings to you. Dear friend,


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