February 20, 2015

I Cannot Wait [for spring] But Wait I Must~

{ This is not the weather for successful  projects that involve PAINTING }

A last minute insert here- I don't think I mentioned
but just assumed you would know the ANTIQUE
BED is F I N A L L Y getting  a paint job-No kidding-
that has been my P L A N  since 2006. I chose and
bought the paint S E V E R A L years ago...for real!
Go ahead...you can LOL

Well, I need a project and my Spring project has been a while coming..meaning it's been on my to do list for several years..Here's my motivation.  I'm thinking if I get it out there, admit to you all that it's as good as a commitment .  You can call me on it and hold me accountable.  Well, that sounds good don't you think. Here Goes!

For several years I have wanted to put together an all white room. The most logical is the master bedroom. My linens are already there [all white] and three pieces of furniture are a shade of white. That looks like a good beginning.The initial must do is to paint the antique iron bed and it should be relatively easy from there on.

This is not a really large room, only adequate as far as size but I think I can make it work.  What I envision is not all white...but what I call 'shades of white"..Now how soon can I get down to Lowe's and start playing with paint samples?

If you love the old, vintage, antique things as I do and cannot find a chenille bedspread that is the right size or still in good condition  Stop, don't give up on that dream. That's what we have google for ladies.   Actually I think the new one is better than any old one that may have survived.  It is heavy and comes in our sizes.  My bed, while a regular double bed size accommodates a Queen Size Mattress too. It can be altered and it's also possible to find a set of extensions to allow for the few inches difference in today's queen size bedding.  I considered this bedspread an investment purchase since I do not expect to ever, ever have to replace it. That works for me. Go for it!

I do love  a few pieces of good wicker in the
mix but am thinking of looking around for one
with  more presence..a few inches taller

I am planning  to lose the
small bedside table to open
up a little space.

Post Script:

 1. Did I mention the bedspread [new-9 yrs ago] is heavy? Also, In response to my blogger friend  Theresa    noticed I'm giving up a bedside table. Not to fear I have another on my side, a bit larger/   wicker  that may be swapped out with a larger wicker piece/when I find one.

2.There is more to come.  I am not ready to show you the other furniture. Later.

3. In regard to my blogger friend's desire for me to have some wonderful, luxurious ruffled curtains [ she had the beauties ] While that does not work for me I will be adding additional sheer panels in 2-3 varying shades .

In short- don't leave forever- there is more to come with this project even before the temps rise and the paint comes out!


  1. Yay for you, Jonell! Now look who has all the inspiration!! I have a chenille bedspread, too! It was my great-aunts & I wouldn't part with it for the world. But, hearing your review of the new ones, I could be temped to switch it out in the cooler months. :) All you need now is some adorable ruffled curtains!
    Love you, love your post!

  2. Oh my! Can't wait to see the rest!!

  3. GORGEOUS! It looks so airy and fresh!! I'm working on our bedroom (stalled now that I have a little one with the chickenpox)... I'm not doing all white, but grey, white and burlap.. Something so fresh with white! Your room is beautiful!!!! Your decorating has always been an inspiration...


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