February 19, 2015

Family Time at SAM'S-For Real~

A scene that would thrill many school teachers- perhaps reading coaches

 Okay, so I don't use that Sam's card or even go browsing their  isles often enough to justify having the membership.  But just in case I want that option  I'm renewing the thing.

You never know what you'll run into at Sam's.


I am really into familiarizing myself with all the book options at Sam's
making a sharp turnaround just so I don't miss anything
and a sudden "brake for families" ~
No kidding- Possibly a Gramma  with a couple of tweens so totally
engrossed in their book finds.

 They do not even notice me until I speak
Yes, they offered to move for me..just offered but did not move.
 My response was:
Remain where you are...just allow me to take a picture?

"As you were please?"


It did not matter if I took ten pictures they didn't skip a line &

 were not a bit distracted by a stranger taking their picture.

So why did I continue snapping photos?

Because I could

And yes I did warn them they might end up in one of my blog posts.

Names?  I don't have their's and they don't have mine...

A slight possibility they may find Like Gramma's House.

We are not likely to ever know!



Like Gramma's House


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