June 28, 2012

Weekend Edition

F is for FINICKY~

Yes JENNY Matlock I confess:  I am a FINICKY grandmother,  I prefer to NOT be called that; favoring the softer Gramma and yes I can spell it this way if I want to and I do! I will be sharing at http://jennymatlock.blogspot.com/2012/06/alphabe-thursday-letter-f.html  and I hope you will follow there and read some of the other F compositions, remarks, poetry or prose, whatever.
The word FINICKY is defined thusly: adj. fin·ick·i·er, fin·ick·i·est
Insisting capriciously on getting just what one wants; difficult to please; fastidious: a finicky eater.

  • I refuse the tag of FINICKY eater but yes I have to admit to most of the remaining definitions.  As a FINICKY Gramma I do like things done my way, on my schedule etc. 
  • I want things returned to the exact spot where you found it..not ocassionally-every time. I want to be able to reach for it in the dark and find it in that same spot. Uh, why not?
  • It just makes life so much more  uncomplicated. I expect beds to be made in the morning, kitchen counters to be shiny, clean and uncluttered. Why not?
  •  I expect toilets to be flushed EVERY TIME, towels to be almost ANYWHERE except on the floor.  Why not?
  • And yes, I expect cups and glasses to dissappear INTO the dish washer when no longer being used. Uh, why not?
  • I know this may be difficult to accept but I even expect dirt, trash, mud and leaves & such to be left if not in the yard on/in the door mat. Yes, thats what that doormat is for.
Where ever and how ever did I become such a FINICKY GRAMMA? My four children are to blame. They trained me for the finicky role. The Three boys were 18 & 13 months apart then our daughter four years after the youngest of the boys. We had all four a few months short of my 26th birthday.  I recall silently talking with self and making the desperate, whining observation: "I know I shall never see the day when I can have a CLEAN HOUSE.." Enough said.

Yes, I have a perfect right to be a FINICKY GRAMMA..in fact I am on the verge of saying "And proud of it."

 [Note to Children and Grands: Love you ATWABA ]


  1. HA HA HA I am a grandma too and its like starting all over again. For awhile there I had my house PRETTY much the way I wanted it aside from pets, and shedding. Well then this or that kid might move back in for awhile then leave again but here and there things actually stayed in their place. Then came my grandson and now I have toys all over the place again

    Your post cracked me up :)

    Of course I am the one that bought all the darn toys and books etc so technically this is my fault : )

  2. This post cracked me up !

    I am a grandma too..called "Oma" sometimes and grandma sometimes. The other grandma is either Memaw or grandma

    ( the little one is just going on 3 in a month )

    LOVE your porch pic...I'm going to come back and visit soon! :)

  3. Oh I have given up on finicky ... I'm just not that type at all ... but my Daughter, now she is very very finicky bless her soul! To each his own!

  4. I appreciate everyone who stops by and your thoughtful. sometimes funny and at often complimentary comments..Thank you!

  5. Want to come run my house? With three kids my finicky-ness (is that a word?) is frustrated at best. Today my children decided it would be a good idea to take a whole box of photos that I had sorted and organized for scrapbooking and spread them over the floor in the most random fashion ever. This while their father was supposed to be supervising them as I did some work for him in our home office. I was not pleased. I do not know what kept my head attached to my body, actually, strong skin, I guess. Come teach my children, won't you??

  6. KDL> Iknow, I know..do I sound like such a smarty...it's all in my head-Things don't always go my way believe me; but in my blog postings I "can wish" can't it?? You see I know this is what they are all thinking..may as well say it in a harmless setting and laugh about myself. A teen Grandson said a few days ago to his Mom/my dau.: "Mom I'm glad Gramma cleans this [stainless ] island counter all the time so when I drop things on it I know it's okay to eat it."
    uhhhh...well you can't "eat off my floor" but I'll settle for "eat of the counter top" how about you? Please visit again.
    All in Fun,

  7. I love this fantastic link for the letter "F".

    I think maybe the word is 'teacher'! Cuz that's what you're really doing.

    Thank you for linking up to Alphabe-Thursday this week.

    Have a fabulous 4th.



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