June 25, 2012

Expect The Unexpected

 Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend....How many of you are getting your home ready for the fourth of July?!  My husband and I are fervently trying to tie up a few loose ends that we have strewn around our home - for example, we were up until midnight last night tiling our kitchen floor.  Maybe I shouldn't call them "loose ends".  I should probably refer to them more as a freight train wreck of remodel projects we have to finish before company arrives!  I have found that when I have company visiting, fretting over the big stuff is pointless.  They tend to brag on the little things... the special touches you've put in place to make your home one of a kind.  For example,

I found this antique nail barrel at our home when we purchased it.  It makes the cutest umbrella bucket at the front door.  I've found versions of this barrel on etsy, as well.


my granddad's prized possession when he was alive were his boots.... they are sitting on the bottom shelf of a side table, nestled in a wooden orange box. 

Lastly, a completely unexpected kitchen decoration is a glass vase with vintage spools of thread from my great grandma's sewing trinkets.  It sits on top of my cabinets, and adds such a bright pop of color!

When you are staging your home, don't go to the local department store and compile a cookie cutter room... make it special.  Get creative.  Learn to expect & use the unexpected.

Until next week,


  1. Girl, you are soo smart..good taste too! When I am advising someone moving into a new house that needs lots of furnishings..from scratch I tell them; "Do not go to furniture stores and furnish it all at once. The result will be a house that looks like a furniture store...not your HOME." The stories come with the unique 'finds' over the years and a few treasures from family if you are very lucky! Thanks for sharing w us. jh

  2. What great advice. I love that you always decorate with the things that make you happy. You have paid such a lovely tribute to some many things that were treasured from people before you. What a great decorating motto you live by.


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