June 02, 2012

Weekend 'Yarden" Report-

Yes we get excited over such little things...Like our first Summer Squash. Then there's the Mint by the kitchen door-Its looking great for Iced Tea on a hot afternoon.  And who can overlook the fact that in a few days I can have FRIED GREEN TOMATOES from our own back yard. Understand, we only have a little Patch of a Garden..one long raised bed plus a few tomato plants, a few fruit trees, an "add on" little patch w corn, squash & more tomatoes. Wait, I cannot forget the SURPRISE garden..no kidding the cucumber and pumpkin surprised us..popping up in very close proximity to the  [far corner of the back yard] Compost Pile. Then there are a few more herbs too. rosemary, parsley, chives and garlic. You know garlic does more than flavor our food..it makes Bee-utiful BLOOMS that dry to such perfection -and the price is just right[Our grandson Ethan would also be thrilled over this little patch of fresh and healthy!]

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  1. cont'd: Monday and the produce keeps coming in..two more little summer squash, a double handful of greens and about the same amount of those wonderful tiny tomatoes and also BLUEBERRIES..stop laughing. There are only two of us at the Harrison House. Fried Green tomatoes SOON.

  2. Jonell, you don't need any nudges. Look at you...you are plenty busy out there tending the soil. I'm not that great at taking a nudging, but I am usually happy to give a little push to someone else to get them to move, especially if I have their permission. Hmmm...

  3. Liz: in the interest of "full disclosure" these days my hubby does mmmm at least 95% of the real work esp. w the vegetables. I weed in 15-20 minute shifts -'the body' starts talkiing to me but we do work tog as a team with much of the "yarden" work- I am notably good at "The supervisory, critique, and "let's redo that' ...and of course I am STILL A GREAT CHEERLEADER.Thanks!


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