June 24, 2012

Each Season is Fresh and New

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  1. I read your comment on Jenny's blog and wanted to tell you that Saturday Centus is not rocket science! It's easy and fun!

    My husband and I grew up in the south, and your photos brought back many memories for me! Where do you live??

  2. Judie: Thank you. I grew up 40s-59 in south Georgia After many years and 8 states we are back in My husband's home state of Alabama-south of Montgomery-back door of Troy,Al. You might enjoy my first blog when you have time to "stay a while"..it's "Down the Lane" http://mershongeorgiagirl.blogspot.com My focus is Like Gramma's House now and trying to do some tydying up before printing Down the Lane. Let me know your response.
    south Alabama


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