June 07, 2012

Inspiration or Conviction?

Conviction -  Inspiration - or just empty  unused  flower pots

They've been set aside over there for months I am sure but they caught my attention on this early morning as I enjoyed my morning coffee.  Those unused flower pots are like me-the Christian- a Vessel made for a purpose, intented to be used.  Those containers once held flowers and trees and were chosen for a special place. . As a Child of the King many years  I was always needed.  Summertime and VBS usually found me working as a teacher or more often VBS Director. As we get older  we o are often not needed and then we sigh with a bit of relief thinking.."Oh well it would have been an exhausting job anyway. Perhaps I'm not really up to it."  That's when  seemingly insignificant jobs come along and we realize it can be good for us.  Even 70 year olds  need  that old fashioned "character building"  as we become a bit rusty, slow or less confident.  Like the unused pots the original design is still in tact..they even  look  good with the new and the shine gone.  There is  another kind of beauty in faded and weathered vessels.  What an amusing thought-description.  That could be me- faded and weathered.  I like that. How often I have said about dried flowers. "They are another kind of beauty," to be enjoyed indefinitely.   This outdoors inpiration place is really working.


  1. Jonell,
    Are you kidding, "Faded and weathered"? You are one of the most vibrant and completely alive women out there and an inspiration.

  2. Jonell. I too love it over by Lakeshore Drive. My daughter went to Samford and I am enamored by that area. She's still there and it's about time to go and visit again. It's been a while. I miss her and I miss the beauty around Homewood.


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