June 18, 2012

The Richest People in All The World-

So much in the news about who makes the most money, who pays no taxes and who pays the most in taxes and who should pay more or who's not making a decent wage. Who is rich, richer, richest? Who is really poor, poorer?

As my silver fox  and I ambled about the back yard in late afternoon enjoying the made to order weather day with just enough warm, pleasant if surprising breezes,  birds around & overhead, the ocassional  dogs barking in unison not far away and now and then a distant reminder of the trains acoming...we held hands, leaned in close one to the other  with silly little smiles-his aging sweetheart said: "You know we are so very  rich." His immediate reply: "You are right..We are rich."

Who are the richest people in the whole world? Without hesitation I submit to you the truly richest of humans on this earth  are without a doubt FARM FAMILIES. 
These 'close to the earth, closer to God" people awaken early in the day. They know how to make use of daylight hours..  They understand the value of honest to goodness physical labor. Then they appreciate the need for and  benefit  of adequate rest..sometimes by way of a daytime nap but definitely  enough rest at night to restore the body.
They grow fruits and vegetables, make their jellies and jams, produce their eggs and milk, meat for the dinner table and provide beauty for their environment with  trees and flowering plants  Their healthy vegetation attracts other necessary traffic like honey bees, butterflies, little green lizards etc. The farmer often makes his own feed for the livestock..fields of hay harvested and stored for use all year.  Farmers work  with their hands, hand tools,  or with the best farming equiptment they can afford  and they learn to care for and repair the farm equipment,  learn to adjust to the changes and problems even disasters that come with  weather events.
The farmer knows how to  make do, do without and keep on keeping on when everything is  beyond his ability  to control.

Gods Word tells us that His Creation speaks to us of the Creator. Who better than a farmer to  learn from Creation?  And who more than a farmer is so totally reliant upon this Creator?

*postscript from Gramma:  A few days ago as we sat on the front porch grading everyone's lawns, flowers & such.. I chose this time to share a very personal thought. "How sad  to spend one's days inside not being able to get outdoors. .If I am ever seriously disabled  please make sure I can spend time outdoors.

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  1. Wise words, Jonell! I love being outdoors and find myself wandering out to putter around watering things, pulling off dead flowers, etc. not because there is much to do or it's really needed, but more as an excuse to just go out without merely sitting. Although, if it wasn't so hot, muggy and buggy all the time, there would be a whole lot more outdoor living on my patio. I hope you will always be able to enjoy God's creation up close and personal!


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