October 31, 2011

She's A Doll~ Pin Cushion

She's a chalkware top half of a lady.  Her Skirt functions as a Pin cushion.
Her eyes are Blue.  She's holding a bouquet with both hands.  Her face [the
Chalkware surface] is less than perfect.She has afancy up-do hair style.
something a Victorian lady would choose for a formalaffair. The fabric of her
dress is a lightweight taffeta like material. Everything about her is worn,
faded,  a bit tattered and aged. Her skirt is about the size of a powder
box a lady would have used on her 'dressing table.  She has 'had a life.'

October 30, 2011

Family Gathering ~ His & Hers

[It couldn't have come together without the help of my husband.]
A family gathering [honoring our son Steve and his soon to be  Bride Carol ] came together without a hitch.. to be more literal [truthful] without  glitches that couldn't be overcome or overlooked. No more yardage of burlap ..buy the whole bolt next time! My oven thermostat quit on me. How do you make Cornbread [goes with Chili] without an oven? You live across the street from a lovely neighbor who leaves you the house key and use her oven! Thanks Dee!  The alternate plan for cooking the appetizer [ outdoor grill] doesn't produce the desired effect ..result not as planned so whaddya do?  You say "oh well" and forget it then move on to the main event. Everyone has arrived, time to  Greet & Ask the Blessing ...then I discover my CAMERA is [temporarily] lost!  David: "MOM, we all have cameras on our phones." Of course!!!!!!!!!  I will share my pics taken earlier in the day and hope family members share those taken that night and I will add those for you when available.
Primitive island built from [1906]
kitchen floor of the Tx. farmhouse-
utilized for drink service-old  enamel
dish pan  holds ice.
[after discarding supplies and washing]

Table for 8> burlap overlay, Silver/Gold pie pumpkins,
fresh cedar, sweet gum multi shades of fall leaves,
tallow berries, freshly fallen leaves from our yard,
real nuts from my kitchen, sprigs of unidentified
 wild flowers and numerous little candle lites-
Natural beauty mostly from nearby wooded area.

Pictures taken earlier in the day-NO, we didn't
 forget the  relocate the WATER HOSE.
I had to share this with you.  Mid morning Ted
observed that one bench seemed a little less
than trustworthy but quickly added
 "I can make a new one..it will only take half an hour."
And....HE DID!
 Gramma's antique QUILT becomes a TABLECLOTH.
The smaller overlay is burlap and centerpiece a
Natural mix of numerous  offerings from NATURE
nearby, including but not limited to..painted &
unpainted pumpkins, nuts, tallow berries,Cedar sprigs,
Sweet gum branches and newly fallen leaves from my
own yard- w candle lites.
Daytime pics didn't catch the oh so neet silver lanterns
  Lowe's was kind enough to put on sale a few weeks ago..
Perhaps we'll  light the lanterns tonight & take more pictures.
Sure, I can do that!!
The cropped version of the round table centerpiece-don'tcha love it!!

You  will have to imagine all my [bright, bold colors] FIESTAWARE added to this setting-unless a family member shows up with  pictures taken at night with place settings of winter green, orange, shades of yellow, even a couple of red -GOT FIESTAWARE? USE IT~

October 22, 2011

Let's Find Dad Something To Do ~

When we have a crowd and eat on the deck or patio this
area is usually utilized for serving-Ted suggested he make
this basically permanent by attaching to the [lower level]
of the deck floor.  Great Job!
This antique baby bed was planted with IRISES at the farmhouse in Texas
and traveled with us for the move back to Alabama over 5 years ago.
This has been my PLAN all along. He made the bed frame,added the first
layer of  soil -more to come-Next comes the bulbs. His suggestion is to
put the bulbs in theground &[for springs flowering] and get some
ornamentals down to enjoy during the cool weather months..now does that
sound like a PLAN!?
Well, It looks like PROGRESS to us! This antique Syrup Pan
[like those we used in south Georgia during the 1900's & earlier]
also came with us in the move from the farm in Southeast
Texas five plus years ago.
Yes, the intent from the beginning
has been to use it as the lower element of a three part
The plan is to use an antique PUMP for the top element and in
the middle emptying into the syrup pan an antique
We found a water pump & started choosing plants..
definitely not finished with that selection more  to come.
I am not complaining about everything being unfinished.
Postscript: This is so much fun.  If you will look carefully at the picture of the water feature project toward the area behind it ..[another project]  That's where my Wisteria covered  /reading hideaway  [arbor] will be soon.  The WISTERIA is already growing beautifully and we now have the posts for framing it up. It is to be an L shaped structure making it possible to be comfortable no matter the time of day and direction of the sun. [ notice the purple color is the color of the Wisteria blooms ]

October 20, 2011

The Recipe~

Remember the TV show The Waltons? Remember the two sisters who kept the moonshine supply going and distributed it as The Recipe? They were rather naive-didn't know the beverage their Papa had made and shared was moonshine because he referred to it as the Recipe.  Okay enough of that. Here's my Recipe for very cool weather in the deep south.
Grab your favorite mug and make yourself a big cup of Hot Chocolate..then do whatever makes you feel amazing.  For me sometimes its a warm afgan & a television show, sometimes it's a book I'm wanting to read or finish and other times it's a chair on the front porch  checking out the neighbors, their yards or just to listen to the birds do their thing.
Here's my #1 favorite hand thrown pottery mug, so big and wonderfully shaped I just love wrapping my hands around the warm shape and  settling into the moment. I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of me/hands just holding onto the mug but I did come up with something for you~
We don't do instant, premixed hot chocolate at my house-
You should ask for the recipe.

One year at Chrismastime in Jasper, Tx. My friend Brenda and I
both wanted to take home [buy] these mugs [there were 4] &
we were both so passionate about it we finally settled on a plan:
I took two and Brenda took the other two.  Silly women-wonderful
memories of some fabulous friends~[Shirley & Brenda B ]

Old Things Like New Again~

Just a short history hereTed said "No, I don't remember where we found it/bought it, and no I don't remember how much we paid for it.  I just know we have hauled it all over the country with us as we have moved."
He's right. We have. And I remember every single time I personally moved the scales into a new spot whenever we had moved into another home.  It is so heavy I always said It only gets placed once. Every time I got in a big hurry and took things into my own hands rather than wait for help..there was  significant back strain. That was my fault. I do get impatient though when I am working out these urgent matters . [decorating]
Now for the facts- We found the Toledo scales in an old antique store in north Arkansas [circa 1978] during the time we lived in Crossett, Arkansas   and paid a whopping $20. for it.  It had been painted a gosh awful  blue which I hated and had rusting and peeling paint areas, however; the scales weighed accurately.
When we moved to Brundidge from southeast Texas 5 1/2 years ago the scales were stored outside and truthfully I had completely given up on ever having them in the house again..As always, my dear husband is at least two steps ahead and came up with a plan.  He took it to an auto paint and body shop about 6 months ago and left is with the understanding that it better measure up to his wife's expectations. He was given a price of $100. and we thought that was fine.  After several visits to check up on the job and finding nothing had been done I had about given up [AGAIN] on having it done. The business changed hands during this time and no one ever called us. It turns out the new owner didn't have our contact info and felt for sure we would come by because no one would let that treasure get away.  He was right.  One more time we checked on them -they finished it and Ted paid him the $50. he asked for the job.  Yippee~ That made it even sweeter. You know I am a cheapskate! 

October 15, 2011

Well, Have You EVER??

The answer is: "No, I never, but I always wanted to." This post idea was inspired by Ree Drummond on her site http://thepioneerwoman.com .  Ree posted the statement  "I am forty two years old and have never...." with the challenge to add your own.
mmmm let’s see now what I can do with this. I am 70 years old and have never:

1.Never Been to Disney World ,The Grand Canyon, New York City, Canada, California,      Washington D.C. , Mexico or  Europe
2. Never vacationed in the Mountains or seen a Broadway show/play
3..Been On a Cruise or on a Riverboat Cruise [ A 2 hr Bellengrath Gardens boat ride doesn't count as a cruise]
4.. Received a REAL ORCHID from my husband since our wedding day
5. Never had FALSE TEETH -not even a Bridge, Never been bald
6.. Never had a diamond bracelet or diamond earrings [I like Vintage Costume jewelry]
7.  Never had Cancer -  a heart attack , high blood pressure, a stroke-  nor diabetes
8. Never had twins - but I was born a twin
9.Never  been Divorced nor wanted to be divorced. Never wanted any husband other than the prince charming God gave me
10.Never had an 8 lb baby..All ours were 9lb 15 oz -10 1/2 lbs-no kidding!
11. Never had a 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
12.. Never been a Miss America- but who needs that I was Miss PHS 1957 and every other title that starts with a Miss during high school,  usually while wearing a BORROWED evening gown. Can we add Star Student award/scholarship and FFA Sweetheart to that? This is only something one can do when you are 70 years old. Any younger and it's in such bad taste.

Postscript: But I have:
[ Sub title Life is Good! ]

  • Lived in 8 states Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, Arkansas, Texas
  • In 1959-Traveled by car ALONE [18 1/2 yrs old] shortly after we married from Demopolis, Alabama to Virginia Beach, Virginia-frightened but determined not to show it. My husband was in Virginia. That was my motivation.
  • Experienced knowing each of my children, their spouses and each grandchild made a decision to accept Christ
  • Production & Acting in Community Theater,Organization of a Dinner Theater in Ky.
  • Produced, staged, Narrated & modeled in Fashion Shows
  • Been a Homeroom Mother, PTA President &Cultural Enrichment Group,  president of numerous groups & community organizations.
  • Visited the state of Maine once-Had lunch in a MacDonald's restaurant in Maine..in a small Victorian style house on a street lined with unimaginable fall foliage in October
  • Been a Sunday School Teacher -all ages
  • Vacation Bible School teacher & usually Director more times than I can count
  • Hosted Weekend Youth Retreats on the farm in Texas- High School Girls Only
  • Organized, promoted and operated Monthly Market Days in our OLD BARN in Texas
  • Sold Radio Station Advertising In Montgomery, Al..-not good memories,Cosmetic Company Sales Manager & Franchise owner-Worked in Retail; Drugs, Dept. Store, Furniture. Dept Store Window Dressing, Sales in a Furniture Store-Antique Business,Owned & managed a Restaurant with my husband
  • Produced Christmas Programs for Church ,Christian School & Church Office Manager
  • Been to a Mardi Gras Ball
  • Been on Television-at least 3 or 4 times Organized & promoted a Bozo the Clown show for children in Eldorado, Arkansas
  • A public speaker, charity fund raiser, organizer-does this qualify me to be President?
  • Taken a vacation without my husband and with 3  boys [before our daughter was born] under  6 years old-all the way to Tampa Florida, up to south Georgia and back to Alabama in a station wagon-before seat belts
  • Another vacation from Kentucky to south Alabama with 4 children-Dad joined us later for this one.
  • Met Pat Boone and Anita Bryant and B.J. Thomas in Monroe, La. Got my books signed by Pat Boone and Anita Bryant.
  • Walked alongside  Michael Landon at the Louisville, Ky. airport-early 1970's..Deanna pointed him out: "Mom, it's Little Joe!" He heard her, looked down and smiled & winked at her. He was wearing heather grey slacks-flared/bell bottom and a heather grey long sleeve crew neck "cashmere" I am sure sweater.
  • Stood beside "Dr. Ruth" at an airport gift shop [ I'm not bragging...but  I do remember]
  • Learned a beautiful chorus "I love you Lord" from a very young grandson Ethan.
  • I survived  four grandsons' visiting us at the farm in Texas ..all at the same time   [my idea]
  • Spent some  time on the Gulf Coast at the Beach -divine if you choose the right month
  • known some incredible people in the ministry -privileged to be close to many of them
  • Attended  Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Priscilla Schirrer women's conferences
  • had some amazing BEST FRIENDS like Shirley & Angela.
  • Finally got to spend some quality time with my sister Gwen after all these years and so few visits.
  • Did I mention My Cinderella High School Years? This had to be God's Hand in my life.
  • THE most memorable job of my life was my last workplace experience. I was placed in the middle of all younger adults in an office where without exception families and individual lives could easily be described as TRAIN WRECKS..I pray I made a difference. At least one of those has managed to climb out of the wreckage and build a good life. Praise God!
  • This would be a starter list-I guess when you have lived 70+ years you get to do many things. I pray some of it will have been meaningful~of eternal value.
  • ~to be continued
~All In Fun,

October 14, 2011

...and God Created Autumn~

...and God created AUTUMN...a time to shop the roadsides and nearby woods for unique & often overlooked naturals-things of beauty growing in the ground, winding around trees or along fences or old fence posts. Don't forget the falling leaves - as their colors turn they turn loose. 
When it's time for parties & family gatherings out comes my  plan for decorating, creating a festive environment that says to   guests: " We knew you  were coming and are so glad you are here!"
For some  that means trips  to Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  I love those too.. But my all time favorite place to shop for decorating supplies is God's Glorious outdoors. 
This project moved us to venture out today on the golf cart to  cruise nearby wooded acres.  I like whipping around  in the little buggy..short trips to the shop on Main Street or checking out  not so far away neighborhoods along the railroad track.  I'm not sure we are "legal" for city streets [ no horn, no turn signals] but who's going to stop a couple of old folksFor this  outing today we checked out  potential pecan harvest near the baseball park, then went looking for interesting greenery, cones, pods or vines in the woods.  I have my list of naturals  but I also like to survey the woods for  backup materials. [ plan B]
My Plan A includes knocking on a door near the post office and meekly asking  a stranger if I could relieve them of just one or two of the beautiful branches from the tree in their front yard. The rest of the ride was dodging hanging vines dipping head first down ditches and hanging on for dear life when my driver takes sharp turns tearing into spots that bring out the 'girl' in me.  My pleas fall on deaf ears  because he is confident or  not  thinking  I am the one who goes flying into the thick brush if he turns too sharply.  I'm a whimp-he knows what he's doing~ always does .
Did I  mention the wonderful  cool breezes?  We spotted the most perfect spot for a house and a perfect litte 5-6 ft Cedar Christmas Tree. Maybe someone else who still uses a real tree will stumble upon it at just the right time  closer to the Christmas time. All these years we had a real tree until 2006 when we moved to Brundidge I  made the change to a slim line artificial tree that touches the 9 ft. ceiling.  So there- I am not too old to change!
July 2011-Samantha & Pop Cleaning up the GC~
Happy shopping in Gods creation!