April 06, 2016

Random Trip Notes -A Few Things I Learned

We Live And Learn-

True Confession time here:  I do not have total recall of step by step of our agenda- Surprise! 

First-Believe it Jet Lag is Real-Plan For It

Your body knows even if you do not  acknowledge it.

The flight over was non stop and dropped us off in another world  7 hours later than our Alabama CST so it was 8 a.m. on the ground..  Someone explained to me later upon returning home that we had just experienced a 36 hour day by the time we slept in Amsterdam...too hard for me to cypher.

Let's get the BATHROOMS out of the way first, okay?
Their bathrooms are different.  And they are smaller than HGTV bathrooms.
What's that?

I know, I know, it's all about using our world resources wisely-
It's just different.

And....don't expect a bath cloth or two towels for each person.  When in a jam, did you know you can dry off "carefully" then use one end of your towel as needed for a wash cloth? Yep, been there..

Did I mention that beds seem to be smaller than ours?  We are ( LOL ) so spoiled.  I know that!
I remember my rural South Georgia  roots.

This is simply a record-my recollections, thoughts, impressions and sometimes weird 'take' on things.
After all I am a ( North American ) Southern Girl.  I might hedge on 100% truth but I would never be rude, right?

 After a very short time for this about to be 75 year old Gramma, everything became about volume and weight.  I began asking myself:

1. What can I do without?
2. Can I download some things out of my fabulous anti theft bag that hangs around my body 24/7? This has to be great for a person who loves being organized, right? All those compartments! But then you must be compelled to fill each - Okay, You begin to get the picture.

3. Do I really need all these things to survive the day? There came a day (very soon) when  this list was revised drastically. To be continued-

And I began to have a more realistic view of myself-the woman who does make an effort to present herself appropriately to the world I face daily. 

Explanation:  There's something about me and foreign countries and CURLING IRONS. In Costa Rica in 2015 my Curling Iron was twice dropped and broken...it died.  Then in Europe my curling iron  quit even trying to heat up after the first 5 minutes being plugged in..No heat, No curling iron-Yes I am vain. But I learned:  Next time expect something to go wrong and take along multiple options for face saving when it happens...head bands, hair clips, etc.  (My only option was one pretty scarf day after day)

My   Reality: I felt like a pack mule loaded for travel.   Come on you can laugh at/with me. 

About halfway into our trip when we no longer had to present our passports I reduced my "carryon the body" to the antitheft bag with the cross body smaller one inside and dropped the passport case inside that one....Condense & Reduce (volume/weight)

Next Time-New Options-Priorities-Next Time

  1. Luggage Planning ( in store not online ) Consider Using Checked Bag in Largest option which means less carryon weight & increased space for shopping finds.

  2. Outerwear-No Umbrella-Lightweight Raincoat or Poncho-Lightweight trench coat w liner packed when not needed

  3. ICE - When The Curling Iron Dies-options for horrible hair day situations (hair clips, head bands, hats)

  4. A New Cross Body Bag Size-Smaller than my super anti theft style but larger than my little cross body style

  5. Rx in Advance 'just in case'

Other Bright Ideas

*Pack less Bath & Cosmetic Items-Choose Multi Purpose Products

One for- Body Wash-Soap-Shampoo
One for-Moisturizer-Body lotion-Hand lotion)

Something To Think About

*Consider packing Cheapest/white wash cloths & discard daily = less chores & less weight or Choose pkg of face cleaning wipes omit wash cloths - Same option can work for ladies panties-choose cheap & discard=less weight and less dirty laundry

*I saw no small hotel soaps. Save extras during the year, use one for each hotel on the trip-If you'll only be staying in one hotel the entire trip then that takes care of the soap & wash cloth issue.

to be continued

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