April 25, 2016


Way Back in 1959-

Dreams - Expectations - Hopes - Plans

Take note right here that I personally am a
 P. L. A. N. N. E. R.
Note: all of you super mom bloggers who are so hard working and gifted-Listen Up,
None of you have cornered the market on trying to be, do and define PERFECTION
[she says while laughing out loud]

My online profile after much consideration reads like this:

A Planner-Producer-Promoter-Performer-Planner

That pretty much describes me as honestly as I can.

Now, today's thoughts-  (guest post by Holly Hopson on Heather's Blog)

How often we  observe people & actions and  ask ourselves or anyone listening:

What Was She Thinking?

Holly shared with us  what she was thinking-

 as she began life as "a couple"

-My Turn-

Back to 1959- 
Sure we had Dreams

But Our plans were not exactly long range..more like 3-6 months ahead.

Now our expectations-
that's a different thing. 

We expected to always stay together..

any other possibility was not a part of our mind set.

We did expect problems
  • We did expect disappointments
  • We did expect lean times
  • We did expect failures

  • We had realistic expectations of the life ahead.  We saw real people, real families around us struggling with life but with good solid families and rich lives. I did not say 'riches', but rich lives. 

    they were NOT PERFECT.

    As a young Bride and then Mom of four children born from 1960 to 1966 I never thought I was aiming for perfection.  We didn't hear that conversation (yet). But I know and have for many years known that I had set a high bar for myself. 

    I  never recall actually wanting to be Miss Perfect


    - as a wife, a mother, a 'keeper of the house' & finances, Home Room Mom, PTA President, Community Theater, Garden Club, Charity Fund Raiser,  you name it. I rarely ever felt I measured up.


    Now the lighter side...
    "What ever was she ( that would be Me ) thinking?" 
    Not much really...
    We were playing it 'by ear' I guess
     a lot of Faith
    or just not much sense Maybe both-

     [it's okay you can laugh here]
    The Brundidge, Alabama  season of our lives.
    (Home since 2006)

     Girls just wait awhile for another Season of life-
    You Can  'have it all'
    But not all in the same year-

    'For everything there is a season...."


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