April 27, 2016

An Afternoon Tea Party - Shall We?

It Doesn't Matter

If It is Just A Tea Party of Four

Hosting a tea party

Afternoon tea party

Or a simple but ever so elegant 'tea for two'
with a loved one available and willing
to set aside an indefinite amount of time for
"Just Us."

Afternoon tea cake stand

Apple scones with blackberry compote

 Apple Scones


Short Bread

An Impromptu Garden Party Tea
Requiring 90% Creative Imagination

Aha, I have a backyard, a wonderful primitive table,
scraps of old handmade crochet from another time,
Pretty collectible tea cups, weed flowers  & old, old bottles
[for vases]
Yes I actually have a
[unused] Silver tea pot- various recipes of southern Iced Tea works fine.

That sounds like A PLAN Girls-
~Could someone bring some fresh fruit?



  1. How lovely. Those scones made me a wee bit hungry.

  2. Pleased to know about the Easter celebrations. I am planning to have a Christmas party this year at a blissful LA venue. Planning to celebrate it with my friends and family. Will surely go for homemade cakes and cookies to impress everyone.


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