March 10, 2015

Wishing You GOURD Friends ~

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Do you not have gourd friends? 

I would definitely wish for you to have gourd friends.

That's okay, just allow me to bend your ear about my own creative, quirky, artistic, wonderful gourd friends.

I always remember and love to share about my GOURD FRIENDS during our Texas Years. My first unique and incredibly gifted friend [ gourd friend]  was Hattie.  I kinda, sorta think I recall that Hattie's life experience included teaching very young children-perhaps preschoolers.  That was another time of her life though.  When she came into my life I knew her as my artistic friend who did fabulous yard art with saved objects like old rusty garden tools.  That's just the beginning. Yes she turned unusual things about to be put out for pickup on first Mondays into amazing and often strange creations for your flower beds, wherever they spoke to her. 

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Hattie's most lasting contribution to my life was introducing me to GOURDS... all kinds of gourds-natural, painted, decorated turned into works of art. No kidding!  Growing and enjoying gourds came to be what I often describe as one of the most fun fun things I have ever been involved with in the artsy, craftsy, creative world. No exaggeration- I really mean that.

Another gourd friend was also in Texas. She was a lady with a full rich life didn't jump into every creative venture but was very selective and  focused on those she chose to include in her life.  One Sunday morning as we were leaving morning worship service Etta caught my attention, telling me she had something for me.  With that she went to her car and retrieved several very small - miniature gourds and placed in my hand. Along with them she gave me a brief pitch- saying she was sure I would appreciate getting to know about, growing & making use of these little treasures.

Birdhouse Gourd Seeds

Etta certainly was right.  She was always ready to give me advice as I jumped into this  new interest.  I learned to claim a full sun spot for my gourd growing.  And Etta would remind me to save seeds for next year and numerous suggestions for the use of my gourd harvest


  • Go shopping for SEEDS if you don't have a gourd friend to share her's with you
  • Choose your variety:  Birdhouse, Miniature, Dipper    ....whatever strikes your fancy
  • Claim a Sunny location [full sun] for growing your gourds
  • Get those seeds in the ground- as soon as 'danger of frost' has passed. 
  • In my Southern World [USA] that's pretty much NOW.
  • Seek out other weird gourd loving people and learn from their experiences
  • Then just HAVE FUN...God actually does all the hard work.

Did we talk about harvest and drying [curing]? I think not.  That's months down the road-just a heads up don't get in a hurry to harvest and then be patient while they cure for a while.

They don't look perfectly beautiful at harvest.  They still have to dry out and then you just take all the time you need to clean them.  There are quite a few options for the cleaning process...whatever seems doable and works for you...steel wool, a little Bleach in your water whatever works nicely for you.

And....btw don't be shocked by [don't discard] the ugly, moldy black spots & splotches- It's normal.  That's what all the cleaning is about.

Many people have crossed my path with amazing talents like turning just the right gourds into finished works like Santas, Angels, clowns, Christmas ornaments,  etc.  Quite frankly while I always did appreciate their beauty I never got into this simply because I Couldn't get past being so totally into loving the natural beauties we call gourds.

So that's who I refer to when I mention  my GOURD FRIENDS- They were Hattie and Etta -to whom I will always be indebted for introducing me to the GOURD WORLD .


Now Let's All Go Visit Jann and Share Your Cup
After the harvest, curing and cleaning your options are endless...
Go forth and enjoy!!
One last post script:  Do they need a trellis? Answer: Yes and No- Yes you can use a trellis...consider the size and weight of the gourds you choose.   If you have the large heavy varieties the trellis actually works best if it is more LIKE a FENCE..A SECTION OF FENCE THAT WON'T BE EXPOSED TO LIVESTOCK.
The smaller gourds can survive running on the ground - you choose then share your results with the friends you recruit to the gourd crowd!  If they are growing on the ground you might consider checking on them religiously and a couple of times a week give the necks a little twist n a different direction ...just a creative tweek.  The way you do this is  to turn them over..hard to describe but you will figure it out. You can do this while they are young and tender. I hope I have not totally confused you. here.


  1. EEEEEEEEK! I'm heading to grab some seeds today... Loofah and gourds. You've inspired me! Fun stuff! :) They need a trellis, right?

  2. I use to plant gourds quite a bit, but haven't for quite a few years. Don't have as much space here. We're building a potting shed up on our hill and I think I need to save a little room for gourds! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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