March 22, 2015

Some Things Just Make Me S M I L E ~

The birds singing-
butterflies flitting ~ Children Playing~


  • Pretties- the icing -  the fluff -   the extras -
Source  Southern Living Magazine

  • Gifted bloggers...all ages, backgrounds, personalities, styles and motivation
  • Realizing I can  keep my own  blogging style -  not trying to be someone else - no matter how I admire her work,  the person or her online persona

    A Family Tuning out the world while
..they READ in the isle at SAM'S


- having another baby~
Sights & sounds of Children at PLAY


Hearing testimonies of the

Miraculous and the Ordinary

 God is doing in someone's life

  • Friends  so bubbling over with the joy of our lord....
  • A 5 minute on the run chat or a 2 hour sit and soak it in.....
  • I leave overflowing with her joy and HIS

Remembering friends..
far and near-or  moved on to heaven  ...
What a lady -
 filled to the brim with

Pam in South Carolina ..or is it N.C.?

-My Girls in Texas -
[they know who they are]

Angela in Texas
Shirley & Brenda in Texas

Monty & Anela    -
sisters from another generation
The Lydia Ladies
 A Few of  Lydia Sunday School class

Now let's all go visit and share What Is Inspiring Us

Justa Swinging


  1. Now that's a whole lot of things to smile about. Now I'm smiling too!

  2. I LOVE this!! Yes, I am smiling now, too!! Your Blog looks Fantastic!! Great Job!! Now, I want to go out and play! LOL
    You are one talented lady, Jonell!
    Hugs & Blessings,


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