March 30, 2015

A Garden Tour Anyone?

In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE- Some of these are my photos- Some are from
The Harrison House Yardens
Others are contributions of family / friends

2015 blooms from the Harrison House Yarden

Close up camera shots don't intimidate these gorgeous clusters of fragrant blooms-

The closer we get the more intense the beauty-

Of course these natural beauties never last long enough-we always want more!
Notice that the earliest color of the purple clusters peek out and never wait for the seed pods and leaves to catch up but then the wonderful green vines have a much longer season

Don't hold me to this but I THINK these photos are courtesy of  a lovely niece and were taken in the New Orleans Area-


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    1. Sometimes it's hard to come up with "inspired" material for a post [still] so the pictures are a life saver for a blogger...we just keep plugging along friend, right?


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