March 17, 2015

A New Season Indeed~

A New Season

As I stood behind my Pastor's pulpit on August 21, 2013 with only the barest bit of written outline I had no idea what the first words to come out of my mouth would be.  I composed myself ever so briefly- maybe two seconds and just as if I had at that moment created the words in my own head this is what came forth:

"This is ANOTHER day which the Lord has made

and we will CONTINUE to rejoice

and be glad in it."

Amen -

Funny thing- I even dislike the word "widow" so why am I drawn to and soaking in this sweet powerful site [ ] I recently discovered?  I don't get it..not yet.  Perhaps I will soon so let's not try to put this puzzle together today-  Another Day!

Awaking this morning ~ the sun shining into my bedroom window at 7 a.m. my first
thought [to self yet almost aloud] was : "It feels good to be waking up this morning"
I don't understand it but do I have to? 
Recently I almost feel as though I am beginning to breathe fresh air...again.  No explanations-that's just what I feel. Yes, in the middle of that is the reality that I still must control the oxygen in and out too.  Now you figure out that.
Occasionally a friend will remark about appreciating my honesty in communicating what is going on within me all these months.  My response is often something like- 'I have to be honest /transparent as possible or else why bother?!  '
I am not so amazing.. wise or impressive.  I am so human. If I don't get it outside of me it becomes even bigger ...growing into something new and more difficult and infectious...words like hard, cold, unfeeling and angry - ungrateful - without use or purpose come to mind.
That's not what God created me for...not why  He has walked with, hovered over, rained down provision,  merciful protection and beautiful bounty for all these [almost] 74 years of life on His earth.
Honest? Transparent? I must try.  There is no other option.

 I don't really know what I am doing but it's long been settled in my life -
 He Does

“For My yoke is easy, and My burden is light.”   
Matthew 11:30 (ESV)     

March 16, 2015/0 Comments/in A Widow's Might, balance, faith in God, finally healing, God's inspiration, perseverance /by Bonnie Vickers - See more at:

[excerpts from Bonnie Vickers' blog post]
As I have walked through this grief journey of losing someone who was such a vital part of my life on earth, I have struggled with what I now place in my luggage.  Sorrow.  Fear.  Anger.  Doubt. Loneliness.  Oh, and did I mention sorrow?  You get the picture.  These are heavy emotions.  They weigh me down and take up space that does not allow me to be an effective tool in serving God.  If we allow it, sorrow can be devastating. But, trust me when I say, God means for the sorrow to do great things.   We will  become more effective in our Christian walk  than we would have been without the sorrow,  IF, and only if, we allow Him to use us and our story to minister to others. Ministering to others does not necessarily have to be in form of writing or speaking, but, simply how we live through the sorrow.  Praising Him even in the storm. - See more at:
Moving Forward


  1. Aaaaah! You've got this! Beautifully written... ((I've never liked the term "widow" either - you're still married, he's waiting for you! It's a wonderful reassurance we have in Christ, right?!)). Love you... And, whether you admit it or not, your honesty and wisdom move mountains for some of us...

  2. Heather I cannot find a REPLY to comment AGAIN :(
    No, I don't "have this"...we both understand He has it..and has from the beginning,right?
    Sweetheart, You are my very own personal private coach and cheering squad, hope you know that!

  3. What a wonderful Title " A new Season Indeed", Jonell. Thank you for your openness. There are so many Seasons to this life here on earth, aren't there. Some wonderful and some that feel absolutely impossible. Thankful, as you stated, that God's plans for us are good! Without Him, we'd be in quicksand. I'm still praying, and so honored to be praying, for you during this "season". Glad to hear you found and received a breath of fresh air.
    Love your sweet heart, Dear Lady.


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